Show Audubon Alaska Your Limerick Skills and Win!

Kadashan River, Tongass National Forest, Alaska
(Photo by John Schoen)
Hey all you riddle fans, sharpen your metaphorical pencils, get your wit ready and send Audubon Alaska your original limericks or answer the fill-in-the-blank puzzles below for a chance at some cool prizes. The deadline’s 5 p.m. Alaska time on May 3, so don’t miss your opportunity. Five winners, selected at random, will receive copies of the beautiful Salmon in the Trees by Amy Gulick about the 17-million acre Tongass National Forest.
What’s the contest all about? (Find detailed instructions here). Audubon Alaska wants you to learn about the prized wildlife in the one of the last temperate rainforests. The Tongass is home to five Pacific salmon species, brown bears, old-growth forest with some 700-year-old trees, plus much more.  
To enter is simple. Watch a quick video, then fill in the blanks to these three limericks:
1. It’s the Tongass, why should we care?
The forest is ancient and rare!
In addition to that, it’s prime habitat
for the burly and awesome _____________
(2 words).

2. This bird is noble and regal.
It appears on tender that’s legal.
It lives in the Tongass, where its numbers are strongest.
It’s the stately, majestic _____________

(2 words).

3. The bears would be facing a famine
if the Tongass lost all of its ____________

Five species abound; they’re there to be found
if the creeks we explore and examine.

From Amy Gulick's Salmon in the Trees
Submit your answers to Audubon Alaska, and cross your fingers.
If you’re up for more of a challenge,
write an original limerick about this special forest; the best one earns a copy of Salmon in the Trees, plus an 8x10 print of the image at left from Gulick’s book.
If writing a poem doesn’t feel like enough, check out Audubon Alaska’s Tongass page for more information about going a step further.

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