Spiders Spin Their Spell

Arachnophobic? Not Frank Graham. Graham, a contributor to Audubon Magazine for more than 40 years, frequently beats about the rushes and scrambles along rocky coastlines in search of spiders, “an outcast race, the age-old subject of human innuendo and reprehension.” Those eight-legged outcasts are the source of admiration and wonder for Graham and photographer Piotr Naskrecki. In their article in Audubon’s May-June issue, they give web weavers their day in the sun, celebrating arachnids’ divine design and pure splendor. Read the article and see a slideshow of Naskrecki’s spellbinding photos here. A special online exclusive transports you to Graham’s home stomping grounds in Maine, where his “spidering” expeditions reveal a new scientific discovery.

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