Tally Ho! Join the Christmas Bird Count Underway

Calling all birders! Whether you're a feeder-watcher or a professional ornithologist, your love of birds can help conserve avian species when you take part in the Christmas Bird Count. Now in its 110th year, the annual event relies on citizen scientist throughout the Americas to tally the birds they see over a three week period. Audubon and other organizations use data to assess the health of bird populations and help guide conservation action. For instance, the findings allowed researchers to map bird ranges during the past 40 years; they discovered that nearly 60 percent of species’ ranges have shifted north significantly, and that there is “an undeniable link” to climate change (read 'On the Move'). 

The CBC kicked of on Monday, December 14 and will run through January 5. Click here to sign up and join tens of thousands of other volunteers in the count. You'll also have the opportunity to see photos taken by past participants.

For many families, the CBC has become a tradition that spans generations. It's an annual happening for octogenarian Kathleen "Betty" Anderson, 85, and her college-age grandson, Andrew Brissette. Read about they dynamic duo's recent adventure tracking down birds in Middleborough, Massachusetts ('Birds of a Feather'). 

In the comments section, tell us about your CBC experiences. How long have you been taking part? What's your most exciting find, or memorable moment?

(Photo: Bald eagle in Kodiak, Alaska, Mary Lynn Stephenson via Wikimedia Commons) 

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