The First Cicadas Wriggle their Way Out

Photo: beatlemac

We all knew the cicadas were coming, but just when and where they’d emerge has remained a bit mysterious.

Well, the 17-year wait is over. The intrepid leaders of Brood II—the first of countless insects—were spotted in New Jersey, at Cora Hartshorn Arboretum in Short Hills, Radiolab reports. “They’ve been watching the holes open up for the past three weeks, and now the first cicadas have arrived.”

For a taste of what those who live on the East Coast will likely see in the next few weeks, check out this video posted by The Atlantic captured in 2011 in Tennessee. The wall of bugs is six stories tall! (Warning: The video ges a bit loud so if you’re watching at work, you may want to don headphones.)

Read more about Brood II here and here.

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