The Lost Bird Project

Using art to inspire connectedness with wildlife and the environment.

[video:201091|caption:Lost Bird Project]

At the heart of the Lost Bird Project is the belief that “art can touch people in a way that ideas and intellect alone cannot,” says executive director Andrew Stern, who is also a neurology professor at the University of Rochester. “While we do not advocate for any specific actions, our hope is that, by raising this awareness, each of us will hear and respond to our own unique calling to engage with the shift toward a better relationship with the earth.” Running through the end of 2014, the project will include a documentary film (see the trailer), exhibits of larger-than-life sculptures created by Todd McGrain, and a book. Stern and McGrain are also traveling the country to share the passenger pigeon’s story through “Fold the Flock” programs being held at schools and institutions, including Audubon centers. Participants create an origami passenger pigeon, and are encouraged to add their bird to a virtual flock online. Learn more at Lost Bird Project and Fold the Flock.

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