The Simpsons Tear Into Audubon

It’s been one of the longest running shows in the history of television, won numerous awards and become a permanent part of the pop culture landscape but now the Simpsons has achieved another milestone- they have toasted Audubon Magazine.

In this week’s episode, “How Munched Is That Birdie In the Window,” there’s a bird theme through the whole episode.  First, that lovable scamp Bart gets an injured pigeon that he nurses back to health.  He gets attached to it but sadly, his uncontrollable mutt, Santa’s Little Helper, gulps down the little fella.  Bart’s distraught about losing the birdie so they take the dog to an animal therapist, Dr. Thurston.  This doesn’t go well either as we see in this scene where the dog acts out by tearing into an issue of Audubon Magazine, which happens to have a duck on the cover and shows again that the pooch has issues with birds.  As Marge, Homer and Thurston watch the dog disfigure the mag, they face up to the fact that the doggie isn’t going to stay with the family.

Thurston: You’re going to have to give the dog away.

Marge: Are you sure?

Thurston: As sure as I am that you’re going to be billed for that torn magazine

Homer: Oooh, that’s pretty sure.  Subscription rate, right?

Thurston: Newstand!

Homer: D’oh!

You can see this scene at 16:30 into the episode. 

Thanks Simpsons but next time, please don’t tear up our magazine.  Also, please be smart and get a subscription here by signing up to be a member of Audubon!

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