The Week's Posts: November 4th to November 10th

Photograph courtesy of Sanja Gjenero

Check out some of the stories we posted this week on Audubon...


Hurricane Sandy

How do hurricanes affect birds? Kenn Kaufman tells us, and he also discusses the storm’s impact on bird migration.


Hurricane Sandy downed century old trees, Ted Gilman explains, and affected shorebirds in Connecticut, writes Patrick Comins.


Read about Hurricane Sandy’s effects on Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and Coney Island from David and on Central Park from Michele.


And more hurricane coverage here.


The Election

Now that he was reelected, see what President Obama told us about energy and the environment. Alisa got the skinny.


State ballot measures voters weighed in on last Tuesday.


Additional Posts About Environmental News

Kate discusses how the CIA will start to look into wildlife trafficking.


Scrapped power lines help protect thousands of acres of habitat. Susan reports on how it happened.


Alisa describes what it’s like to be a piping plover.


And don’t forget about your chance to win Audubon’s Aviary.


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