Tips For Taking a Great Photo

September 7th is the deadline to enter Audubon's Photo Awards. As you set out to snap that winning shot, remember these tips from photo editor Kim Hubbard:
1) Do a thorough equipment check before heading into the field. Be sure everything is in working order, and that your batteries are freshly charged.
2) Make sure you bring a backup camera if you have one. Dirt can get on a sensor, mechanics can break down. On one rare and unfortunate occasion, I had three cameras— two digital and one film—malfunction at the same time (as baby sea turtles were emerging from their nest!). Be as prepared as you can.
3) Bring twice as many memory cards as you think you’ll need. You never know when you’re going to encounter a great situation, and there’s nothing worse than having to delete images on the fly to make more space on your cards.
4) Pack sunscreen, insect repellent, aspirin, a hat, snacks, and some water. Bird photography requires patience, and you’re often in one place for a very long time.
5) Wear unobtrusive clothing that blends with your environment, and comfortable shoes.
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