Audubon Advisory

Victory for Greater Sage-Grouse

Did you know the sage-grouse does not threaten our military operations?

That was the premise of a dangerous and irresponsible rider that anti-conservation interests sought to include in the final version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), annual legislation which provides critical authorities for our nation’s military.  Thankfully, the provision was removed from the final bill which passed Congress on December 8, 2016. The existing conservation plans for this species, which took years of collaboration between state, federal and private stakeholders, as well as the Endangered Species Act in general would have been severely undermined had the rider not been removed.

In response to this victory for the sage-grouse and common sense, Audubon issued this statement, asking that the diverse set of stakeholders who put these conservation plans together be left alone to implement them for the benefit of sage-grouse and 350 other species of wildlife.

Many thanks to Audubon activists who contacted their legislators to speak out against the rider—their voices were heard.  But, unfortunately, we can expect that the same congressmen who pushed this rider this year, and last year, will be back again next year.  The Audubon network will be ready to fight back for sage-grouse and the places they need now and in the future.

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