What Key Environmental Questions Should the Presidential Candidates Answer Before the 2012 Election?

For the current issue of Audubon, reporter Kat Bagley interviewed Shawn Lawrence Otto, cofounder of ScienceDebate, a non-profit that’s urging the presidential candidates to hold a live debate focused on science, technology, and the environment. The group’s 2011 poll found that a whopping 84 percent of Americans supported a face-off.
That got us wondering about what you, Audubon readers, think. What are the most important issues related to the environment/conservation that you would like to see the presidential candidates asked about as the election nears? Climate change? Energy development? Endangered species?
Speak up: If you could pose a question about the environment to both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, what would it be?
Post your question to our Facebook page by midnight Friday, and remember to 'like' your favorites. We’ll publish the top five questions on our blog and on Facebook next week.
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