Write a Caption For this Photo: Cassowary

Photo: Francisco Martins/CC BY-NC 2.0

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A few fun facts about the cassowary, from the San Diego Zoo:

  • The large, flightless bird, found in New Guinea and Australia, is most closely related to the emu.
  • It's covered in fluffy, two-quilled black feathers that, protect the bird in its rain forest habitat,  keeping it dry and safe from the sharp-thorned plants.
  • All three cassowary species have casques on top of their heads that might be used as a sort of helmet or shock absorber while navigating the rain forest underbrush. It could also work like a hornbill's casque, helping the bird make sounds and communicate through the dense forest. 
  • Don't mess with this bird: it's three-toed feet have four-inch daggerlike claws from the inner toe, it can run run 31 miles per hour, jump nearly seven feet straight into the air, and swim with ease.
  • The cassowary eats fruit, and many plant species require passage through its digestive system to sprout.

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