Write a Caption For this Photo: Ducks

Photo: Vincent van Dam/Flickr

UPDATE: Thanks for all of the funny entries! We've narrowed them down to these three.


Every week we post a funny animal photo that’s begging for a caption, like this shot of Muscovy ducks (more on these curious creatures below). Join in the fun and add your suggestion in the Comments section below. You’ve got til 11:59 pm (Eastern time) on Sunday. On Monday we’ll choose our three favorite captions and list them under the image.

Mike, over at the blog 10,000 Birds, has this to say about Muscovies:

All Muscovies are large ducks with long talons and a wide flat tail. Wild Muscovies have very dark plumage, black with a purple or green sheen, as well as random pine green feathering on their wings and backs, white wing patches, erectile crests, and featherless faces. That rabid red facial skin is highlighted by mighty (some might say monstrous) caruncles, which are more mighty or monstrous in males than in females.  The domestic Muscovy duck displays the same caruncular charm, but appears in more colors than the basic black. Many many Muscovies are mottled or pied, while others come in brown, white, blue, and even lilac.

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