Write a Caption for This Photo: Green Sea Turtles

Five juvenile green sea turtles fitted with satellite transmitters. The BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill put this endangered species at even greater risk. Photo: April Goodman/NOAA
Every Thursday we post a photo that's just begging for a caption. Join in the fun and add your suggestion in the Comments section below. Next week we'll choose our three favorite captions and list them under the image. Check out our top choices from last week, and all previous weeks.
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Top 3 captions: 

Synchronize watches, everyone stay within radio range, meet up at the old dock if our cover is blown. On three, 1, 2, 3, Go!
(Terrelle Pryor)

My GPS clearly says go left. Well, MINE clearly says go right. We're just going to have to stop and ask for directions.
(Liz P)

Okay guys, they're killing us out there! Hoyt, you go long and I'll buy time scrambling. Ready, BREAK! (Kelley Allison)

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