Write a Caption for This Photo: Ground Hornbills

Photo: Ian/CC BY-NC 2.0

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Every week we post a funny animal photo that’s begging for a caption. Join in the fun and add your suggestion in the Comments section below. You’ve got til 11:59 pm (Eastern time) on Sunday. On Monday we’ll choose our three favorite captions and list them under the image. In the meantime, here are five facts about the ground hornbill:


1) The ground hornbill (Bucorvus leadbeateri) is the largest of the world’s 54 hornbill species, reaching heights of four feet and weighing up to 13.6 pounds.(source)

2) It lives in southern and eastern Africa and spends most of its time walking on the ground in search of insects, reptiles, amphibians—and even small- to medium-sized mammals and birds—to devour (it’s a strong, low flyer, but is rarely is seen on the wing).(source)

3) It’s the only bird in the hornbill family that doesn’t seal the entrance to its nest when eggs are laid (typically in holes in tree trunks).(source)

4) Ground hornbills, whose conservation status is “vulnerable,” typically live in groups of two to eight, with only the alpha male and female mating. They can live more than 50 years, and several years may pass before a pair produces a fledgling.(source)

5) The bird’s wattle inflates when it calls, a very deep, reverberating booming sound that can carry over long distances.(source) Listen to its call here


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