Write a Caption for This Photo: Stumptail Macaque

Stumptail monkeys (Macaca arctoides) are among the most conciliatory members of the genus Macaca. Photo: Frans de Waal, in PLoS Biology
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With so much focus on the late Davy Jones and the Monkees this week, we were inspired to feature monkeys in this week's funny animal photo contest. Add your caption suggestion in the Comments section below, and on Monday we'll choose our three favorite captions and let you vote on the winner. Click here for all previous photos.
In a departure from my typical practice of posting the image without giving much additional info, after you post your caption entry, GO READ the fascinating article in which this photo ran. It’s all about conflict, and who doesn’t find that intriguing? Dutch-American primatologist Frans de Waal writes in PLos Biology: “Each species has its own way of handling conflict, with for example the chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) being far more violent than that equally close relative of ours, the bonobo (P. paniscus). But also within each species we find, just as in humans, variation from group to group. There are ‘cultures’ of violence and ‘cultures’ of peace. The latter are made possible by the universal primate ability to settle disputes and iron out differences.”
How do those “far more violent” chimps make up after a fight? “By means of a kiss and embrace,” de Waal writes. Read the rest here.

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