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The Fire Starters

In the Southeast, the fates of longleaf pines and Red-cockaded Woodpeckers are inextricably tied. To save both, we must remember how to embrace controlled burns.

Around Audubon

A Razorbill stands on rocks with fish in its beak.

A Spectacle of Life on Seal Island

Seabirds were once extirpated from the Gulf of Maine's Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge. Today, thanks in part to Audubon’s Seabird Institute, it's the site of several breeding seabird colonies.
Press Room

As Climate Impacts Loom, Audubon Calls for Rapid Expansion of Well-Sited Clean Energy Transmission

New report lays out the importance of building the clean energy grid to stabilize climate.
A photo of a bird perching on a thin branch with greenery on it, clamping down with its beak on two orange and white winged bugs.
EDIB at Audubon

Community as a Cornerstone of Conservation

Mitchell Lake Audubon Center and Latino Outdoors support community-centered conservation in San Antonio.