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A flock of Red Knots fly in a murmuration over water.

How Audubon South Carolina Protects Their Coastal Birds and the Places They Need

With their Shorebird Stewardship program, Audubon South Carolina protects Red Knots, American Oystercatchers, and other birds that find respite on their shores.
An Atlantic Puffin nuzzles with a weather-worn decoy on a granite rock with the ocean in the background.
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New Research Reveals Scale and Success of Seabird Recovery Efforts Worldwide

Study provides a tool to restore and build climate resilience for seabirds by relocating or restoring them to places where they can survive.
Audubon in Action

How Many Birds Can A Bunch of Audubon Staff See In a Year?

We made a pact to do a Big Year collaboratively in 2022. Here's what we saw, and what we learned in those 12 months of birding and sharing.