Statement of Editorial Independence 

Audubon magazine is a journalism enterprise of the National Audubon Society with a rich history of publishing award-winning work—photography, design, and writing that celebrate bird life and probe many of the most pressing issues facing the planet today. While Audubon publishes stories that reflect the organization’s priorities of birds and conservation, including the work of Audubon itself, its editors retain authority over editorial content to uphold the journalistic integrity and independence of its reporting. Donations made to Audubon help support its commitment to journalism but do not influence the news judgment of its editors.

Pitching Us 

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Jennifer Bogo, Vice President of Content,

Andrew Del-Colle, Site Director and Editor,

Alisa Opar, Features Editor,

Jessica Leber, Senior Editor,

Hannah Waters, Senior Editor, Climate

Andy McGlashen, Associate Editor, Policy

Kristina Deckert, Art Director,

Sabine Meyer, Photo Director,

Melanie Ryan, Assistant Art Director,

Lia Bocchiaro, Photo Editor,

Camilla Cerea, Photo Editor/Photographer,

Mike FernandezVideo Producer,

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