The Audubon Bird Songs Alexa Skill

A fun way to bring bird calls into your home using your Alexa device

Available now for your Amazon Alexa device in the Skills store. Get it now for free.  

Do you ever see a bird in your backyard and wonder what it sounds like? Ask Alexa to play back the songs and calls of over 600 North American bird species from our library of over 2,000 high-quality audio recordings from the library of Lang Elliot & Associates.

You can request a bird call by saying: "Alexa, ask Audubon to play an American Robin" or "Alexa, ask Audubon what a Northern Cardinal sounds like." Always use the bird species' full name (for a complete list of North American bird species names, see

Most species have multiple songs and calls in the library: to play a specific call, say "Alexa, ask Audubon to play call 3 of the American Robin." You can also say "play call 4" or "play the next one" after you hear the bird's first call.

Note: Some bird species names are relatively complex. If Alexa is having trouble understanding some of the more difficult bird names, try speaking slowly and clearly. Completing the voice training in your Alexa app may also help improve your results.

Credits: Bird call audio © Lang Elliott & Associates/Music of Nature, used courtesy of the National Audubon Society. Alexa Skill developed by Edward Norris/Black Bat Software.