Christine Howe/Audubon Photography Awards

A Flyway as Diverse as the People Who Live in It

The Atlantic Flyway encompasses some of the hemisphere’s most productive ecosystems, including forests, beaches, and coastal wetland.

The Atlantic Flyway is home to a wide variety of ecosystems—and more than a third of the human population of the United States. Protecting birds and their habitats from human activity and the threat of sea-level rise is at the forefront of Audubon’s mission in this flyway. Shorebird monitoring programs from New York to the Bahamas ensure beach-nesting species, including the Piping Plover and American Oystercatcher, have safe places to rear their young.

In eastern shrublands and woods, the Golden-winged Warbler and Bobolink benefit from Audubon’s habitat restoration efforts and our partnerships with private landowners to increase sustainable land management. By integrating the efforts of chapter volunteers, centers, state offices, and local landowners, Audubon is making the entire Atlantic Flyway a better place for birds and people.


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