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From migrating Sandhill Cranes in Nebraska to Maine's nesting Atlantic Puffins, follow along live 24/7. 

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How Webcams Are Helping Scientists Save One of the World’s Rarest Seabirds
March 15, 2022 — For the past decade, the CahowCam Project has entertained viewers while revealing new insights into the lives of the endangered Bermuda Petrel.
Great Horned Owl Takes Another Chick From Hog Island Osprey Nest
July 12, 2018 — Four nights after the first attack, the owl returned to Steve and Rachel’s nest despite the recent addition of lights as a deterrent.
Osprey Pair Rachel and Steve Lose Chick to Owl—Again
July 11, 2018 — [UPDATED] A Great Horned Owl attack on the Hog Island nest follows two such raids last year. Since the incident, steps have been taken to deter the predator.
Seal Island, Maine: Atlantic Puffin Burrow Webcam
June 27, 2018 — Get an intimate view inside a puffin burrow—and even glimpse a young puffling while you're at it.
The Saga Continues for Bailey, the Beleaguered Hog Island Osprey
November 22, 2017 — After surviving owl, wasp, and eagle attacks, the tough young bird is mending an injured wing at an Audubon rehab center in Florida.
Why There Are No Ospreys at the Hog Island Nest Cam
July 31, 2017 — The Great Horned Owl didn't come back, but another intruder caused Rachel, Steve, and their surviving chick to move in a hurry: wasps.
Watch: Female Hog Island Osprey Defends Remaining Chick From Great Horned Owl
July 21, 2017 — Having already lost two chicks to the raptor, Rachel has been remaining close to the nest and on high alert in a fascinating display of adaptation.
Greenwich, Connecticut: Osprey Webcam
July 20, 2017 — Launched in March 2017, Audubon Connecticut's osprey nest cam is powered by solar energy.
Hog Island’s Osprey Pair Lose Chick to Nighttime Owl Raid
July 11, 2017 — The Great Horned Owl struck the nest a little after midnight, leaving behind two survivors.
Hog Island, Maine: Osprey Nest Webcam
July 07, 2017 — The webcam offers an intimate view of Osprey parents at Audubon's boat house on Hog Island.