Plate 262

Tropic Bird

The specimens from which the figures in the plate were taken, were obtained on the Tortugas, in the summer of 1832, by my kind friend ROBERT DAY, Esq. of the United States revenue cutter Marion. They were shot out of a flock of eight or ten, and were in fine condition. I have represented the male and female, in what I suppose to be their full summer or breeding plumage; but not having had an opportunity of studying the habits of this remarkable bird, I am unable to give any information respecting them. 

PHAETON AETHEREUS, Bonap. Syn., p. 409. 
TROPIC BIRD, Nutt. Man., vol. ii. p. 503. 
TROPIC BIRD, Phaeton aethereus, Aud. Orn. Biog., vol. iii. p. 442. 

Male, 29 1/2, 38. Female, 26, 34. 

Rare on the coast of Florida. Migratory. 

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