Georgi Baird

An Expanse of Mountains, Rivers, Plains, and Shores

Spanning the Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, arid Southwest, and western Gulf Coast
The Central Flyway comprises more than half the landmass of the continental United States, before extending into Central and South America. Audubon works to protect threatened ecosystems, such as riparian habitat in the Colorado River basin and vast sagebrush habitats, on behalf of such iconic bird species as the Yellow-billed Cuckoo and the Greater Sage-Grouse.

Recently Audubon Dakota identified 67 new IBAs in North and South Dakota. Audubon Rockies has been influential in protecting more than 15 million acres of sagebrush habitat in Wyoming; Audubon Arizona rebuilt habitat for owls, hummingbirds, and cuckoos; and Audubon Texas successfully saved a number of critical barrier-island bird roosting sites from an oil spill in Galveston Bay.

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