Katherine Luscher

Senior Coordinator, Tufted Puffins at the Seabird Institute

Working with conservation partners in the Pacific Northwest, Katherine coordinates Tufted Puffin conservation efforts across the region. Prior to Audubon, she worked at River Network for 20 years, where she edited a quarterly journal for the river conservation movement, coordinated the River Rally, oversaw a $1.2 million grant program supported by the EPA, and created the National River Heroes Award as a way to ensure we take time to celebrate our victories and the people who make them possible. In 2015, she joined the staff at Waterkeeper Alliance, where she conducted and facilitated numerous in-person and online trainings, created an online resource library, and helped facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practices among clean water activists working across the globe. Katherine continuously seeks to leverage the limited resources available to nonprofits by seeking out new partnerships, and communicating and engaging with organizations and stakeholders that have like-minded missions.

Articles by Katherine Luscher

Finding My Footing in the Seabird Community
March 13, 2024 — A newcomer dives into the world of Pacific seabird science to help Tufted Puffins.
A black seabird with orange feet and bill, a white face, and yellow tufts on its head, stands on a mossy rock with its wings outstretched.
Tufted Puffins are Getting a Boost in the Pacific Northwest
November 15, 2023 — Audubon and partners are launching new efforts to save this declining seabird.