Matthew Anderson

Vice President, Climate Change and Strategic Initiatives

Matthew began serving as the director of Audubon's Climate Initiative in September 2015.  He joined Audubon in the spring of 2013 as the executive director of Audubon Minnesota.  While serving as a state director, Matthew was one of the original members of the four member work group that developed Audubon's Climate Initiative.  He brings a wealth of experience in constituency building, grassroots mobilization, campaign planning, fundraising, and program development. 

While at Audubon Minnesota, Matthew led efforts to secure seven figure conservation funding, expand the state staff's technical capacity around prairie and forest restoration, and invest in greater development, outreach and communications capacity.  Matthew was able to solidify Audubon's regional relationship with Aveda and then deepen the relationship and negotiate a cause-partnership between Audubon and Aveda around addressing climate.

Matthew has a rich background working with diverse communities on climate change issues with nearly a decade of experience working with the religious community in particular.  Prior to working at Audubon, Matthew spent two and half years as executive director of the National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE).  Before joining NRPE, Matthew directed the Creation Care Fund, which provides financial and technical support to Christian environmental grassroots initiatives.  His experience also includes serving as the director of environmental and rural advocacy and education for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, as well as executive director of Faith in the City, a multi-sector faith-based coalition in the Twin Cities.

Currently, he serves on the board of the The Regeneration Project which is the national umbrella for Interfaith Power and Light.  Matthew graduated from Dartmouth College with a B.A. in environmental studies and was awarded the Downy Family Prize.  He is completing a Masters in Advocacy and Political Leadership at the University of Minnesota-Duluth.