Steffanie Munguía is the Pan-Flyway Regional Director. A native of Puerto Rico, she grew up in central Florida, where she first became involved in middle school with Audubon through her local Lake Region Audubon Society chapter and volunteering for the Center for Birds of Prey. Over the past 13 years, she has dedicated her efforts to increasing youth and minority engagement in Audubon, co-coordinating the state’s Conservation Leadership Initiative for several years. As a biologist, Steffanie has conducted research across the United States, participating in songbird research in the Great Plains and New England, and is currently studying the management of important stopover sites in coastal wetlands of the Caribbean. Through these diverse experiences, she has learned that Audubon is not just about the birds–it is about the people. The committed members who dedicate their time and energy to conserving birds and their habitats so that generations to come may be as enthralled with them as we have since the Society’s formation. Such a commitment requires coordination between members, chapters, the national board, and across flyways.

Now in her second year of her doctoral studies, she is excited to bring this energy to increasing student and young professional opportunities in Audubon across the flyways. Steffanie hopes to contribute meaningfully to efforts to bring more communication and integration to our chapters and members as we look toward the future of Audubon while honoring the legacy of our rich history.

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