Tracy Boyd

Vice President, Operations

Tracy Boyd is the Vice President of Operations at National Audubon Society. In her role, she oversees delivery (project management), sustainability, real estate & facilities and strategic sourcing & procurement. Since joining Audubon in 2020, Tracy and her team have established a delivery office, ensuring our most strategic and cross-functional projects are delivered on time and achieve desired results. Additionally, they have conducted a baseline sustainability audit, launched a centralized travel system, conducted a pilot Center’s accessibility survey and opened new offices in the Bay Area and Washington, DC.

Prior to joining Audubon, Tracy spent 28 years as a product management leader at renowned companies such as Informa, Gap, Monster, Shutterfly, eBay, Yahoo!, Earthlink and excite@home where she built digital experiences that touched millions of users every day. Tracy holds a BA in English and Art History from Wellesley College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.