A goldfinch perches on a sunflower holding a seed in its beak.

Native plants database

Find Bird-Friendly Native Plants

Whether you’re planting in your yard, on a windowsill, or in a public space, you can help create more bird-friendly habitats with native plants. Find the best plants for your area (and where to get them).

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American Goldfinch and Common Sunflower. Foto: Supun Wellappuli Arachchi/Audubon Photography Awards

By entering your email address, you're able to receive a list of the native plants you've selected, get additional tips on creating your bird-friendly habitat, and help us keep track of your contributions to our efforts to get 1 million native plants for birds in the ground. Audubon’s native plants database draws its plant data from the North American Plant Atlas of the Biota of North America Program (BONAP).