Photo of Shannon Reault

Shannon Reault

Senior Associate, Climate Science

As the Senior Associate for Climate Science at National Audubon Society, Shannon supports the NAS Science Division across various climate related projects. Specifically, Shannon is utilizing her scientific and technical skills to address macrosystem connections in relation to avian species dynamics through NSF funded research with Michigan State University.  She also works with Audubon scientists in other functional groups such as Coasts and Working Lands.

Before joining the Audubon flock in March 2023, Shannon was a geospatial scientist within the climate risk field, where she conducted spatial analyses in a Python environment pertaining to flood, fire, drought, and extreme heat risk. She has also conducted research projects involving a wide variety of climate subjects including sea ice trends, urban heat islands, and methane emissions. Shannon graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Earth System Science in 2020, and a Master’s degree in Geographic Information Science in 2021, both from Clark University.