Canada Shows Leadership in Halting Biodiversity Loss

Audubon commends the Government of Canada’s global and domestic leadership on conservation and biodiversity.

On August 25, 2023, at the 7th Assembly of the Global Environment Facility, Canada announced plans to invest $200 million in the newly created Global Biodiversity Framework Fund (GBFF), making it the first country to contribute. The National Audubon Society commends the Government of Canada’s global and domestic leadership on conservation and biodiversity, issuing the following statement:

“Canada has demonstrated global leadership with its commitment of $200 million to the Global Biodiversity Framework Fund. This investment continues the momentum started at the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity’s 15th Conference of the Parties (COP15), moving us closer towards the goal of protecting 30% of lands and waters by 2030 and halting and reversing biodiversity loss by 2050. This significant announcement of Canada’s new GBFF investments, delivered in Vancouver at the GEF’s 7th Assembly by Prime Minister Trudeau and Canada’s Minister of Environment & Climate Change, Hon. Stephen Guilbeault, reflects the shared values of Canadians and the global conservation community.

“The Canadian government has been taking important first steps towards achieving several of the priorities within the Global Biodiversity Framework. They include this recent announcement, as well as the commitment of $800 million to support up to four large-scale, Indigenous-led conservation projects within Canada, and funding commitments for nature-based climate solutions. The National Audubon Society recognizes Canada’s strong federal commitment to achieving 30% protection by 2030, both at home and across the world. 

“It is now time for other nations to follow suit. Canada’s leadership must be replicated with major new funding commitments, as agreed in Montreal at COP15. It is our shared responsibility to make sure that our natural world is healthy with robust and resilient bird and wildlife populations, intact forests and wetlands, and clean air and waters. We can all play an important role by urging our elected leaders to adhere to the goals of the Global Biodiversity Framework and dedicate more significant financial resources to support it. Time is running out, and we must accelerate from intentions to financing and implementation. Only with unified action can we hope to end global biodiversity loss.” 

The GBFF will help fund the implementation of the landmark biodiversity agreement reached at COP15, held in Montreal this past December. This new fund will provide the financial resources necessary to halt and reverse biodiversity loss and put nature on a path to recovery. This new fund will invest in the world’s most diverse, rich, and unique ecosystems, supporting Indigenous and local action to protect and conserve biodiversity.