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At a Glance

An uncommon resident of mountain pine forests of Mexico. Quiet and shy, it is easily overlooked despite its striking pattern. Aztec Thrush was never found in our area until the late 1970s, but in recent years one or two have shown up almost annually in mountains near the Mexican border, especially in late summer in southeastern Arizona.
Perching Birds
Low Concern
Arroyos and Canyons, Forests and Woodlands, High Mountains
Direct Flight

Range & Identification


9" (23 cm). Male blackish with white belly, strong white pattern in wings, black tail with broad white tip. Female similar pattern but browner. Juvenile has similar wing and tail pattern but body is brown with buff spots and streaks..
About the size of a Robin
Wing Shape
Tail Shape
Rounded, Square-tipped

Songs and Calls

A whining “wheerr”, both as call and (louder, repeated) as song.

Climate Vulnerability

Conservation Status