Black Francolin
Francolinus francolinus

At a Glance

Similar in size to a Gray Partridge (13-15", 33-36 cm), the Black Francolin is an introduced game bird in Hawaii, with small populations also living in Florida and Louisiana. The male is distinctive, with his black face, white patch below the eye, chestnut collar and black chest. The female has paler and more uniform plumage, brown with darker and lighter barring. The female's wings are darker than her body, and she has two notable markings, a white throat and a chestnut patch on the back of the neck. Juveniles are generally similar to adult females.
Upland Ground Birds
Low Concern
Freshwater Wetlands, Shrublands, Savannas, and Thickets
Rapid Wingbeats, Running, Soaring

Range & Identification


13-15" (33-36 cm). Male mostly black on head and chest with white face patch and belly spots, reddish collar, brown back. Female is mostly mottled brown, with hint of reddish collar.
About the size of a Robin, About the size of a Crow
Wing Shape
Fingered, Rounded, Short
Tail Shape
Rounded, Short, Square-tipped

Songs and Calls

Creaking sound, loud during breeding season.


Thick vegetation, brushy areas and tall grasslands; generally near water. Inhabits “mosaic” areas where forests and cultivated lands meet, but is not an interior forest bird. More closely associated with water than many other partridges.