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Crescent-chested Warbler
Oreothlypis superciliosa

At a Glance

Common in mountain pine forests in Mexico, sometimes moving to lower elevations in winter, this small warbler has strayed into our area several times. Most sightings are for southeastern Arizona, where one bird returned for two consecutive winters along Sonoita Creek. There is also one possible sighting for southern Texas.
Perching Birds
Low Concern
Arroyos and Canyons, Forests and Woodlands, Shrublands, Savannas, and Thickets

Range & Identification


4 1/4" (11 cm). Blue-gray head with white eyebrow, yellow throat and breast, with thin reddish brown crescent across chest (faint or absent on some females and young). Plain gray wings with no wing-bars.
About the size of a Sparrow
Wing Shape
Broad, Pointed
Tail Shape
Notched, Rounded, Square-tipped

Songs and Calls

Song a unique short, dry, electric buzz—zzzzzzz. Call a high, short tsic.
Call Pattern
Flat, Simple
Call Type
Buzz, Chirp/Chip, Rattle, Trill

Climate Vulnerability

Conservation Status