Family Ducks and Geese
A long-distance migrant in the Old World, this small duck sometimes goes off course, and might turn up almost anywhere in North America. Most likely to be seen in spring, on marshy ponds of the sort favored by Blue-winged Teal. In the western Aleutian Islands, Alaska, occurs as a rare migrant in spring and very rarely in fall.

Illustration © David Allen Sibley.
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Text © Kenn Kaufman, adapted from
Lives of North American Birds

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Songs and Calls

Many of the calls are similar to Blue-winged Teal or Northern Shoveler. Males give an odd rattle-like call. Females emit a week croak similar to a Green-winged Teal.
Audio © Lang Elliott, Bob McGuire, Kevin Colver, Martyn Stewart and others.
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