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At a Glance

Although it was named for Key West, Florida, where it probably nested in the 1800s, today this bird is only a rare visitor to Florida from islands in the Caribbean. A chunky, rotund bird, it walks quietly on the ground under very dense cover, and is often difficult to find even where it is common.
Pigeon-like Birds
Low Concern
Forests and Woodlands, Shrublands, Savannas, and Thickets
Direct Flight

Range & Identification


11-12" (27-31 cm). A heavy-bodied tropical dove that walks on the ground. Rich brown on back, with strong purple and green iridescence, and dull whitish below. Strong face pattern with dark crown, wide white stripe under eye.
About the size of a Robin, About the size of a Crow
Wing Shape
Broad, Pointed
Tail Shape
Rounded, Short, Square-tipped

Songs and Calls

Deep, hollow cooing, ooo-wooooo.

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