Little Egret
Egretta garzetta

At a Glance

This Old World counterpart to our Snowy Egret was formerly only an accidental visitor to North America, with only one record before 1980. Since 1980 it has been recorded several times along our Atlantic Coast during the warmer months. These strays probably make the crossing from West Africa to the Caribbean, and then migrate north on our side of the Atlantic.
Long-legged Waders
Low Concern
Coasts and Shorelines, Lakes, Ponds, and Rivers, Saltwater Wetlands

Range & Identification


25" Very similar to Snowy Egret, with black legs and yellow feet. May appear to have thicker bill, grayer lores. In breeding plumage, has two long, thin plumes on back of head.
About the size of a Mallard or Herring Gull, About the size of a Heron
Tail Shape

Songs and Calls

Usually silent. Some calls similar to Snowy Egret. Breeding individuals give rapid gobbling sounds.