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Little Stint
Calidris minuta

At a Glance

Rare and difficult to identify, this Eurasian shorebird was not detected in our area until 1975, but it may have been overlooked before that. There now have been well over two dozen North American records, about half of them either in the northeast or along the Pacific Coast, the rest in Alaska.
Sandpiper-like Birds
Low Concern
Coasts and Shorelines, Freshwater Wetlands, Tundra and Boreal Habitats

Range & Identification


6" Similar in size to Least Sandpiper but has straighter bill, black legs. In breeding plumage, warm cinnamon-brown on back, head, and sides of chest. Compare to Red-necked Stint.
About the size of a Robin
Tail Shape

Songs and Calls

Call is a sharp, high stit in short series.