Rose-ringed Parakeet
Psittacula krameri

At a Glance

Native to southern Asia and central Africa, this big, long-tailed parakeet has been very popular as a cage bird all over the world. Apparently it is also very adaptable, because escaped birds have managed to establish feral populations in many regions of the globe. Most of these are centered around cities, in areas as diverse as Hong Kong, Singapore, Jerusalem, Paris, and London. In the U.S. there are wild flocks around Los Angeles and Bakersfield, California, and around Naples, Florida, with scattered sightings in many other locales.
Perching Birds
Low Concern
Forests and Woodlands, Urban and Suburban Habitats
Direct Flight

Range & Identification


16" (40 cm) including tail. A large, pale green parakeet with a very long, pointed tail. Thick reddish bill, pale eyes. Male has black chin and narrow collar of black and pink.
About the size of a Crow
Wing Shape
Pointed, Tapered
Tail Shape
Long, Pointed

Songs and Calls

A noisy, loud, screechy descending kee-ak . . . kee-ak . . . kee-ak. As hundreds of birds may congregate in flight and evening roosts, this is a considerable aural experience.