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At a Glance

Very common in the tropics, this little ground dove ranges north to northern Mexico, and recently it has been showing up increasingly often in our Southwest. These visitors appear mainly in fall and often stay through the winter. They have been found at various points from southern California to southern Texas, often associating with Inca Doves.
Pigeon-like Birds, Pigeons and Doves
Low Concern
Desert and Arid Habitats, Fields, Meadows, and Grasslands, Shrublands, Savannas, and Thickets, Urban and Suburban Habitats
California, Southwest, Texas
Direct Flight

Range & Identification


6.5-7" (17-18 cm). W. 16 1/2-18 (42-45 cm). Similar to Common Ground Dove, but redder overall (especially males) and slightly longer-tailed. Lacks scaly pattern on chest and pink on bill. Both ground doves have black spots on wings, but Ruddy also has them up on scapulars, above the wings.
About the size of a Robin, About the size of a Sparrow
Black, Brown, Gray, Orange, Pink, Red, White
Wing Shape
Rounded, Short
Tail Shape
Rounded, Short, Square-tipped

Songs and Calls

Variously described as kitty-woo, per-whoop and p-ter-woo.

Climate Vulnerability

Conservation Status