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At a Glance

Quail-Doves are shy inhabitants of the forest floor in tropical regions, related to other doves and pigeons but as round-bodied as quail. This species is found almost throughout the American tropics; it has strayed to southern Florida several times and to southern Texas at least once.
Pigeon-like Birds
Low Concern
Forests and Woodlands, Shrublands, Savannas, and Thickets
Direct Flight

Range & Identification


8-11" (21-28 cm). A stout, short-tailed dove that walks on the ground. Mostly reddish brown above, buffy on underparts, with a conspicuous whitish or pale buff stripe below the eye. Pattern is more obscure on female.
About the size of a Robin
Wing Shape
Rounded, Short
Tail Shape
Rounded, Short, Square-tipped

Songs and Calls

Long coos, whoooo, oooooo.

Climate Vulnerability

Conservation Status