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Variegated Flycatcher
Empidonomus varius

At a Glance

The normal range of this flycatcher is entirely within South America. But the populations nesting in the southern part of that continent are strongly migratory; birds from that area sometimes make errors in navigation and wind up far outside their normal haunts. Such strays have been found at least four times in North America, in Maine, Ontario, Tennessee, and Washington.
Perching Birds
Low Concern
Forests and Woodlands, Shrublands, Savannas, and Thickets
Flitter, Hovering

Range & Identification


7-7 1/2" (18-19 cm). Very rare visitor from the tropics. Brown above and pale yellow below, with heavy streaks, two strong whitish stripes on face. Reddish edgings in wings and tail. Smaller than Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher, with smaller bill, different face pattern.
About the size of a Robin, About the size of a Sparrow
Wing Shape
Tail Shape
Notched, Rounded, Square-tipped

Songs and Calls

“chee-chee-chu”, also high pitched buzz “zeeeeete”