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Yellow-chevroned Parakeet
Brotogeris chiriri

At a Glance

Native to tropical South America, east of the Andes and south of the Amazon, these small parakeets are popular cagebirds. Escapees from captivity have become locally common around some cities in southern Florida and southern California. They are usually seen flying in small, noisy flocks.
Perching Birds
Low Concern
Forests and Woodlands, Urban and Suburban Habitats
Direct Flight

Range & Identification


10" (25 cm). A small parakeet with a pointed tail. Mostly pale green, with dark blue wingtips, yellow stripe across wing. Similar to White-winged Parakeet when perched, but lack of white wing patches is obvious in flight.
About the size of a Crow
Wing Shape
Pointed, Tapered
Tail Shape
Pointed, Wedge-shaped

Songs and Calls

Short squawks, and a chatter reminiscent of a slower, lower, red squirrel chatter. Noisy and incessant in flight. Quieter when in perched flocks.


In its native South America it is found more frequently in open woodlands, savannas, and may prefer disturbed savannas and towns. In the U.S. it prefers open habitat, towns and will commonly be found alongside the similar White-winged Parakeet, even nesting in the same tree.



4-5 eggs are laid in cavities in dead trees and palm fronds.