Hummingbirds at Home to Wind Down

December 2021

Audubon’s Hummingbirds at Home program began in 2013 as a new community science opportunity to engage volunteers in watching hummingbirds feed on a wide variety of nectar sources, including native plants, and enter data online and through a mobile app. 

We set out to learn how hummingbirds might be using nectar sources in backyards and parks, and how native plants may be part of their response to a changing climate. Through the engagement of observers all over the continental U.S., we learned hummingbirds are more common in yards with native plants and neighborhoods with more green space, indicating the importance of native plants and green spaces to the health of hummingbirds. We published these learnings drawn entirely from observations provided by participants in the Hummingbirds at Home program in a peer-reviewed scientific journal found here.

We involved new audiences in this unique program aimed at a fascinating family of energetic birds by engaging garden enthusiasts and birders new to hummingbirds. The findings of the program are the result of engaging more than 46,000 participants submitting over 135,000 observations.

We feel good about all we have accomplished through Hummingbirds at Home and are now winding down the program as of the end of Dec 2021.

We hope that you enjoyed reporting your observations of feeding hummingbirds. We want you to know that all of the data you submitted was an important contribution to what we learned about hummingbirds, as shown through the published results and in online articles (and here) about Hummingbirds at Home. We greatly appreciate all of your time and effort in reporting  your observations. We hope you will consider using Audubon’s mobile app to continue to report on your hummingbirds and that you will learn more about how you can make your yard or local area healthy for hummingbirds through our Plants for Birds program. If you are looking for hummingbird feeding tips you can find those here.