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Fire takes over a grassy forest floor, leaving black ash and smoke in the already burned area.

Meet the Fire Starters Restoring One of North America’s Greatest Forests

By Gabriel Popkin
August 29, 2023 — In the Southeast, the fates of longleaf pines and Red-cockaded Woodpeckers are inextricably tied. To save both, we must remember how to embrace fire.

You’ve Got What It Takes to Become a Master Naturalist

By Anna Gibbs
August 25, 2023 — Combining coursework with volunteer opportunities, these training programs are a pipeline for local conservation leaders.
A woman with braids and a flower crown holds a large leaf up to her face and looks through a hole in the leaf.

Foraging Isn’t Just for the Birds

By Jenny McKee
August 25, 2023 — Harvesting wild food is a great way to deepen your native-plant know-how. Get started with help from expert and influencer Alexis Nikole Nelson.
Field Notes

Projects That Help Wildlife Navigate Highways Pick Up Speed

By Ben Goldfarb
August 24, 2023 — Simple solutions reduce road hazards to animals, and now more money is flowing to implement them.
Field Notes

A Proposed Reset for Public Lands Could Be a Big Boost to Conservation

By Andy McGlashen
August 23, 2023 — The agency responsible for one-tenth of the country’s terrain aims to make healthy habitat a more prominent priority.
Letter From the Editor

Let’s Be Real

By Jennifer Bogo
July 11, 2023 — Not only do the best visuals look impressive; they also reflect what’s true.
Audubon View

Our Next Five Years of Climate Action

By Elizabeth Gray
July 11, 2023 — Audubon is ready for swift and bold action on renewables and natural carbon storage at this critical time for the planet.
The Aviary

A Sculpture That Captures the Dry Reality for Black-necked Stilts

By Jessica McKenzie
July 11, 2023 — Artist Sarah Conti situates life-size versions of the shorebirds in a disappearing habitat.
A crowd watches a baseball game while a flock of birds circles overhead.
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Why Baseball and Birding Go Together Like Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

By Joe Trezza
July 10, 2023 — America’s pastime presents plenty of opportunities to spot birds, according to sports writer Joe Trezza.
A bird feeder with a camera and microphone hangs outside.

These Smart Devices Can Identify the Birds Outside Your Window

By Jessica Leber
July 10, 2023 — The Bird Buddy and the Haikubox offer new ways to get excited about birding from home.