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A plain brown bird perches on a mossy branch.
Ask Kenn: What's the Secret to Identifying Flycatchers?
March 28, 2024 — Don’t let these difficult birds get you down. Instead, take this sage advice from Audubon Field Editor and bird expert Kenn Kaufman.
Two bluebirds perch next to each other, one holding a bug and the other a bunch of grassy material in their beaks.
Spring Into Action
March 26, 2024 — Migration reminds us of what we’re all collectively working to build: a world where birds thrive.
A fluffy orange cat stands in a long, elaborate wood and mesh enclosure outside.
DIY: Treat Your Cat to the Perks of the Outdoors—Minus the Pitfalls—With a Catio
March 26, 2024 — Build an enclosed oases that allows your feline to enjoy time outside without posing a danger to wildlife or encountering hazards himself.
Why Is it So Hard to Keep Cats Indoors?
March 26, 2024 — When a neighbor’s pet entered her life, our writer devised a plan: Put a GPS tracker on it and delve into why we let our beloved felines wander outside despite the risks they pose to birds and themselves.
Saline Lakes Are Dying—Scientists Hope This Unusual Shorebird Can Help Save Them
March 26, 2024 — An international team of researchers is conducting fieldwork from Canada to Argentina to help tell the story of the Wilson’s Phalarope, a species in peril whose essential habitats across the hemisphere are at risk from overuse and drought.
A bird flies between skyscrapers, the fading moon overhead.
The Surprisingly Long History of the Movement to Make Buildings Safer for Birds
March 26, 2024 — Documenting the birds injured and killed by flying into buildings is difficult, emotionally draining work. One New York City Audubon volunteer looks to the past to find hope for the future.
A massive beaver lodge at the edge of a foggy pond.
Life Support
March 26, 2024 — We’ve constructed a world that caters to humans. There’s still time to learn how to share it.
A black and white cat sits in a clear box sticking out of a window in a brick building.
Ready-made Catios Ensure the Purr-fect Fit for Any Owner
March 26, 2024 — The wide range of structures available for purchase means everyone can find one that’s the cat’s meow.
A black and white print of a Hooded Merganser illustration next to awls on a printed table cloth.
A Printmaker Dives Into the Aquatic Domain of a Regal Duck
March 25, 2024 — Artist Meg T. Justice provides a fresh perspective on the habitat that sustains the Hooded Merganser.
The sun is just above the horizon, and it casts light across a field with purple blooms in the foreground
7 Destinations For Viewing Spectacular Wildflower Blooms
March 25, 2024 — Catch the bonanza of color unfurling in mountain meadows, lush forests, and desert dunes across the United States—and see some birds, too.