'Prehistoric Planet,' a Stunning New Series, Depicts Dinosaurs Like Never Before

— Drawing from science that connects modern birds and ancient dinosaurs, the David Attenborough-narrated Apple TV+ show was influenced by avian biology and behavior at every step.
Monty the Piping Plover in April 2022.

A Farewell to 'Small but Mighty' Monty, the Plover Dad of Montrose Beach

— Even though he's gone, Monty's success shows the lasting effects of advocacy and conservation in the Great Lakes region.

How the World’s Largest Wildlife Overpass Could Brighten a Low-Flying Bird’s Future

— Wrentits don’t exactly soar, and a 10-lane highway has cut off populations from each other—a growing threat as the climate heats up.
Water flows in the Colorado River Delta.

Water for the Colorado River Delta in a Dry Year

— Binational agreement a model for river management in a climate change world.

Some of Music’s Biggest Names Create a Trove of New Tunes to Help Birds

— The man behind your favorite film soundtracks wants to build a joyful movement around bird conservation. On ‘For the Birds: The Birdsong Project,’ he’s enlisted musical legends and silver-screen icons to help.
Condors at the Northern California Condor Restoration Program in Redwood National Park in California. The morning of Tuesday, May 3, two condors were released into Yurok Ancestral Lands.

Absent for More Than a Century, California Condors Soar Above the Redwoods Again

— Following 14 years of preparation, the Yurok Tribe and partners have begun releasing the endangered birds back into northern California, rebuilding the condor’s range and revitalizing tribal traditions.

Students in North Carolina Tackle Light Pollution with Cube Satellites

— How six students from UNC Asheville are creating a tool to help support Lights Out initiatives in North Carolina and beyond.

Crucial Coastal Bill Gains Momentum in Congress

— The SHORRE Act will make coastal communities and birds more resilient to climate change.

How to Get the Most Out of BirdCast's Migration Forecasts

— Thanks to an innovative new migration dashboard, predicting which mornings will be birdy has never been easier—or more fun.
Least Tern.

Federal Water Legislation Poised to Benefit Birds and People

— Annual bill would advance projects and studies to improve critical coastal and inland waterways.