The Big Tern Cheat Sheet: How to ID Four Common Species

— In summer, North America’s four largest terns are near look-alikes. With a keen eye for detail you can tell them apart.
A sign affixed to a metal post on a beach reads "Piping Plover nesting area." The posts, connected by string, designate a restricted area.

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Supreme Court Ruling is Bad News for Birds and Everyone Else, Too

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Avian Flu Threatens Seabird Nesting Colonies on Both Sides of the Atlantic

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Historic Investments in Water, Bipartisan Budget Deal Close Out the 2022 Arizona Legislative Session–but No Progress on Rural Groundwater Management

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Wildlife Officials Want to Make it Easier to Relocate Climate-Imperiled Species

— A proposed change to the Endangered Species Act would allow protected plants and animals to be introduced outside their historical range.