An Ode to Common Birds—and to Cherishing What We’ve Got

— The recent news about species extinctions underscores the importance of noticing and protecting everyday birds while they are still plentiful.
Two children, both wearing backpacks, masks, and holding binoculars, stand on the grass, trees behind them.

A Teacher Said I Couldn't Be a Naturalist. Now I'm Paving the Way For My Daughter.

— My 4-year-old’s declaration that she wanted to be an ornithologist sparked our family’s dedication to exploring birdlife.

Audubon Certified Bird Friendly Seal Gets Bird Friendlier

— Habitat certification gives grassland birds a helping hand.

Is It Really Time to Write the Ivory-billed Woodpecker’s Epitaph?

— The government’s pending plan to declare the bird extinct comes too soon and ignores recent compelling evidence, writes Tim Gallagher, a bird expert who believes he saw an Ivory-bill in 2004.

Climate Change Puts New Mexico’s Ancient Acequias to the Test

— Communal irrigation systems that have sustained communities, culture, and birdlife for centuries are running dry in a drought-racked Southwest.

These Mighty Shorebirds Keep Breaking Flight Records—And You Can Follow Along

— Bar-tailed Godwits regularly travel more than 7,000 miles non-stop. One enthusiast is spreading the word of their amazing migrations, with the help of a research project tracking 20 tagged birds in real-time.

Audubon's Jennifer Pitt Testifies before U.S. Senate on Drought and Climate Change

— Audubon is calling for federal leadership and funds to mitigate current disasters and enhance climate resilience in the West.

Wave of Hawaiian Bird Extinctions Stresses the Islands’ Conservation Crisis

— Eight Hawaiian forest bird species are now extinct, including six honeycreepers. Only 17 of 50-plus honeycreeper species remain.
A dog with brown, white, and gray fur and wearing a harness stands on a boulder and looks at the camera, its tongue lolling out. Behind it, several wind turbines rise from a desert landscape against an orange sky, with mountains in the distance.

These Dogs Are a Bird's Best Friend

— With their boundless enthusiasm and amazing powers of smell, canines are playing a growing role in global efforts to protect wildlife.

Amid a Drought Crisis, the Colorado River Delta Sprang to Life This Summer

— Thanks to a historic U.S.-Mexico binational agreement, water flowing this year is providing hope for the future of a key ecosystem.