Several people and a dog on the shore of a lake with bright green water.
States Are Eyeing Bird-Friendly Wetlands to Help Rid the Great Lakes of Toxic Algae 
June 17, 2024 — A decade after Toledo’s water crisis, harmful blooms remain a stubborn reality. Swamps and marshes alone can’t fix the problem, but they have an important role to play, experts say.
Explore the Habitats along the Lower Colorado River
June 13, 2024 — Audubon StoryMap guides vewers along the Lower Colorado River, highlighting its importance for birds and people.
A large, drab-colored hummingbird perches on the spike of a cactus.
Scientists Discover World's Largest Hummingbird Hiding in Plain Sight
June 07, 2024 — Groundbreaking research has resulted in a surprising split of the species known as the Giant Hummingbird, and one of the birds just happens to be slightly bigger than the other.
The Challenges Our Oceans Face, And the Actions We Can Take
June 06, 2024 — Birds need healthy oceans to thrive. Here are some of the things we're thinking about for World Ocean's Day.
A Eurasian Eagle-Owl sits on a tree branch looking off to his right, with a squirrel on the branch behind him.
City Life is Hard for Raptors. Can Removing Rat Poison Make it Easier?
June 06, 2024 — Birds of prey have long been casualties in the war on rodents. In the wake of celebrity bird deaths, advocates are pushing for us to be better neighbors.
Portrait of Sarah T. Dubb looking out over wetlands at sunset.
Twice-Shy Lovebirds Open Their Hearts in This Steamy (and Birdy!) Romance Novel
June 04, 2024 — Sarah T. Dubb’s debut rom-com, “Birding With Benefits,” celebrates love, new beginnings, and a really great checklist—all under the Tucson sun.
Crane Migration at Rowe Sanctuary: Where People and Birds Intersect
June 03, 2024 — An Audubon staffer reflects on her experience volunteering at Rowe Sanctuary during crane season—from seeing more than a half a million Sandhill Cranes to meeting the people who make the month-long celebration happen.
A flock of Tricolored Blackbirds alight in a field of tall plants.
Tricolored Blackbirds Once Faced Extinction—Here's What's Behind Their Exciting Comeback
May 30, 2024 — For a decade Audubon California and partners have worked with farmers to delay harvests where the birds nest, solving what was once the biggest threat to the species.
A crow stands on an out-of-focus man-made surface with its beak open, presumably cawing.
Crows Can Count Aloud Much Like Toddlers, New Study Finds
May 28, 2024 — How smart are corvids? We can count the ways—and so can they.
Farm Bill Offers Some Conservation Wins, Falls Short in Advancing Climate-Smart Agriculture And Forestry
May 24, 2024 — The bill passes committee and now goes to the full House for a vote.