A Long-Running Ode to the All the *&#% Birders See

— A 10-year-old Facebook group celebrates the surprising and weird sightings that can mark a birding trip—no actual birds required.

Yellowlegs Mysteries Revealed.

— Ten Lesser Yellowlegs were tagged in April in Colombia. After being tracked north through the US, they eventually disappeared. But now they are back!

Scientists Are Racing to Understand the Aleutian Tern’s Mysterious Decline

— U.S. populations of the seabird have crashed in the past half century. Researchers hope an upcoming series of surveys will reveal how dire the situation is—and if the bird should be considered endangered.

The Senate Climate Deal Promises a Safer Future for Birds—If It Passes

— Experts and advocates are optimistic, for the first time in ages, about what would be the biggest-ever U.S. investment in climate action.

Introducing The Birdsong Project: What the Birds Tell Us

— Volumes I, II, and III of For the Birds: The Birdsong Project are streaming now to benefit Audubon’s bird conservation mission and celebrate the joy of birds.

Listen to Every Available Volume of "The Birdsong Project"

— So far, three of the five volumes are available for streaming on Spotify. Check out all of the bird-inspired tunes below!

How We Might Address the Water Crisis for the Colorado River and Birds in the West

— Solutions exist but need to be scaled up for the next year and beyond.

Here’s How Drastically Birding Has Changed Over the Past 50 Years

— On the 25th anniversary of his book "Kingbird Highway," Kenn Kaufman reflects on the many ways the hobby has transformed since he first hitchhiked across the country chasing birds in the 1970s.

Grand Canyon’s Ecosystem at Risk with Colorado River Crisis

— We must address climate change to protect everything that depends on the River, including an iconic national park and its many fish and birds.

Mangroves, a Line of Defense Against Climate Change

— Julio Montes de Oca, director of Coastal Resilience for the Americas, shares how Audubon is advancing in Latin America and the Caribbean one of the priority hemispheric strategies.