Meet Elizabeth Gould, the Gifted Artist Behind Her Husband's Famous Bird Books

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Two Fantastic Warblers Anyone Can Find

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Reconnecting the Colorado River to the Sea

— Binational Water Conservation Making the Colorado River More Sustainable for People and Birds

Reconectar el río Colorado al mar

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Governor Cox Declares 2021 as Year of the Shorebird at Great Salt Lake

— Declaration celebrates 30th anniversary of Great Salt Lake as a Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network Site

Arizona aprueba una ley que protege parcialmente algunos ríos dejados atrás de los retrocesos de la Ley Federal de Agua Limpia

— Si bien es mejor que ninguna protección, el programa estatal carece de disposiciones esenciales para proteger mejor las vías fluviales de Arizona.

Arizona Passes Law that Partially Protects Some Rivers Left Behind from Federal Clean Water Act Rollbacks

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To Raise Awareness, Some Colombian Birders Won’t Participate in Global Big Day

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Audubon Chapters Taking Local Action for Birds and People in the Arid West

— 2021 Western Water Network Grants Support Five Western Chapters