Conservation Organizations Emphasize Need to Protect Environmental Priorities in Colorado River Basin

DenverSeveral conservation organizations today urge Colorado River Basin decision-makers to protect critical environmental prio

Vibrant red, juicy berries clustered at the ends of brown branches frame an American Robin, a dark-colored bird with a ruddy breast. Poised to swallow, yellow bill spread open with the tip of the yellow tongue flicking upwards, the bird reaches for a single red berry that appears to hang in mid-air.

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A young Sandhill Cranes walks through brown grass.

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A woodpecker with a red head stands on a branch.

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How to Save the Colorado River? Use Less Water

— Audubon submits comments to Bureau of Reclamation as they develop new operating rules.
A brown striped sparrow seats on a branch stuck in barbed wire.

Audubon Issues 100th Bird-Friendly Habitat Certification to Badger Creek Ranch

— Badger Creek Ranch herd in Colorado is working for birds through Audubon’s Conservation Ranching program.
A white egret catches a fish in the water.

Audubon’s Top Priorities for the Arizona Legislature in 2023

— Supporting water policies and management that help Arizona sooner, rather than later.