A man standing on the sidewalk takes a picture of dead fish floating at the top of a lake, the city in the distance.

Deadly Algal Bloom Could Cause Food Shortage for Bay Area Migrating Waterbirds

— A massive fish die-off this August at San Francisco Bay's Lake Merritt, a vital avian stopover site, has experts concerned for fall migrants.

A Path through the Brewing Climate Crisis on the Colorado River

— Adaptation and mitigation measures must go hand in hand.

Lili Taylor Wants You to Listen and Connect With the Birds Around You

— Bird expert David Jeffrey Ringer spoke with actor and Audubon board member Lili Taylor about her love of birds, the actions she takes to protect them, and her involvement with The Birdsong Project.

Sebastian Moreno Wants Everyone to Feel Empowered to Be a Community Scientist

— Moreno—an environmental conservation Ph.D. candidate, licensed falconer, and Latino Outdoors volunteer—spoke with us about his research on community science and the importance of access to the outdoors.
Logs pile up on the ground next to the trees that were cut down in the middle of a forest.

Seeing the Birds for the Forest

— Magazines face unprecedented challenges just getting to press, but we have our eye on the long game.
A bird's eye view of a winter scene of a forest with some green pine trees and bare aspen, paper birch, and red maple trees.

Portrait of a Forest on the Climate Edge

— In Minnesota, a boreal forest ecosystem could shift north over the Canada border this century. Local photographers, scientists, and land managers are grappling with what that means—and how to respond.
William Blake sits on the ground next to a Motus antenna, itself sitting in a green field that slopes into a river valley.

A Global Antenna Network Is the Next Frontier of Migration Science

— Motus stations across the landscape pick up ‘pings’ from any radio-tagged birds that fly past. The data, open to everyone, are painting a fuller picture of the journeys the creatures make.

This Tiny Brazilian Island Could Hold the Key to the Purple Martin’s Future

— Vast numbers of the swallows pass through one roost in the heart of the Amazon before winging their way to North American birdhouses. Studying it could provide clues to the species’ decades-long decline.

Vermont's Birders and Landowners Are Joining Forces to Contribute to Science

— A new state-wide program recruits volunteers to survey breeding birds that would otherwise go uncounted.
Three students sit on the floor as they paint a large mural depicting multiple birds.

Audubon Is Powered by People

— Our chapters, our members—you—are what make Audubon successful, and our collective power can accomplish great things for everyone.