122nd CBC Season Highest Tallies for Individuals in the United States

United States Christmas Bird Counts (CBC) reported 672 species, 7 Count Week (CW) species, 59 infraspecific forms (forms), and 34 exotics.  The Bat Falcon at Santa Ana N.W.R., and the Social Flycatcher in Texas, which was the impetus to restart the Brownsville CBC, were new species.  The Steller’s Sea-Eagle which was thought to be the individual that roamed Alaska, Texas, Maine and places in between was reported CW at Freeport-Brunswick, Maine.  There were 6 additional CW species – Great Shearwater (FL), Northern Lapwing (NY), Whiskered Auklet (AK), Gray Vireo (AZ), Golden-crowned Warbler and Lilian’s Meadowlark (AZ) which had been reported in previous years.


Forty-three states had a high count for at least one species. California led all states with high tallies for 120 species, 19 forms, and 10 exotics.   Florida had a good season with high counts for 100 species, 5 forms and 13 exotics.   Texas had its worst results since prior to the 52nd season with high counts for only 81 species, 6 forms and 4 exotics.  It was followed by Arizona with high tallies for 73 species and 4 forms, Hawai’i with 61 species, 4 forms and 1 exotic, Alaska 30 species and 1 form, Louisiana 29 species, 1 form and 1 exotic, Washington 26 species, Massachusetts 19 species, Oregon 14 species and 2 forms, North Carolina 12 species, and New Mexico 11 species.  All other States had less than 11 high counts.


Kendell Area, FL, had the highest tally for High Counts for the 2nd time with highs for 25 species, 1 form and 5 exoticsAtascosa Highlands, AZ, had high counts for 15 species and 2 forms, Gainesville, FL, 14 species, Midway Atoll, HI, 13 species, O’ahu: Honolulu, HI, 12 species and 1 exotic, San Diego, CA, 11 species and 1 form, Kaua’a: Lihu’e, HI, 11 species, Tucson Valley, AZ, 10 species, Matagorda County, TX, 9 species and 1 form, and high counts for 9 species each for Nogales, AZ, and Harlingen, TX.


All-time high counts were made for 33 species this season.  We broke one record which had stood for at least 30 years.  The 13 Magnolia Warblers at Kendell Area, FL, topped the old record of 12 reported by Fort Lauderdale, FL, during the 72nd season.


Black-bellied Whistling-Duck 7344 (TX, Weslaco), Fulvous Whistling-Duck 400 (FL, Zellwood-Mount Dora), Swan Goose 15 ex (TX, Houston [Central]), Pink-footed Goose 4 (CT, Hartford), Greater White-fronted Goose 36,698 (CA, Lincoln), Graylag Goose (Domestic type) 15 ex (TX, Houston [Central]), Emperor Goose 1419 (AK, Kodiak), Snow Goose 416,238 (MO, Loess Bluffs [formerly Squaw Creek] N.W.R.), Ross's Goose 20,292 (CA, Merced N.W.R.), Brant (Atlantic) 6025 (NY, L.I.: Southern Nassau County), Brant (Black) 1913 (CA, Western Sonoma County), Barnacle Goose 1 (ME, Thomaston-Rockland), Cackling Goose 24,999 (TX, Lubbock County), Cackling Goose (Aleutian) 600 (CA, Caswell-Westley), Canada Goose 26,130 (MD, St. Michaels), Hawaiian Goose 490 (HI, Kaua'i: Kapa'a), Mute Swan 460 (MI, Anchor Bay), Black Swan 44 ex (FL, Lakeland), Black-necked Swan 1 ex (FL, Lakeland), Trumpeter Swan 5800 (ID, American Falls Reservoir), Tundra (Whistling) Swan 9936 (NC, Mattamuskeet N.W.R.), Whooper Swan 3 (AK, Shemya Island), and Egyptian Goose 325 (FL, Kendall Area).


Muscovy Duck 725 (FL, Kendall Area), Muscovy Duck (Domestic type) 191 ex (TX, Houston [Central]), Wood Duck, 950 (SC, Ace Basin), Mandarin Duck 20 ex (CA, Sonoma Valley), Gadwall 7829 (NC, Mattamuskeet N.W.R.), Eurasian Wigeon 35 (WA, Sequim-Dungeness), American Wigeon 17,504 (NC, Mattamuskeet N.W.R.), American Black Duck 9824 (OH, Fremont), Mallard 62,400 (KS, Webster Reservoir), Mallard (Mexican) 97 (TX, El Paso), Mallard (Domestic type) 93 ex (LA, Baton Rouge), Mottled Duck 200 (FL, Fort Pierce), Hawaiian Duck 444 (HI, Kaua'i: Kapa 'a), Blue-winged Teal 2913 (TX, Orange County), Cinnamon Teal 307 (CA, Sacramento), Northern Shoveler 13,751 (CA, San Jacinto Lake), Northern Pintail 22,867 (CA, Stockton), Green-winged Teal 23,732 (SC, McClellanville), Green-winged Teal (Eurasian) 68 (AK, Shemya Island), and Green-winged Teal (American) 18,505 (NC, Mattamuskeet N.W.R.).


Canvasback 14,931 (IA, Keokuk), Redhead 15,698 (TX, Laguna Atascosa N.W.R.), Ring-necked Duck 9250 (MO, Loess Bluffs [formerly Squaw Creek] N.W.R.), Tufted Duck 1 (AK, Unalaska Island; MA, Nantucket), Greater Scaup 11,060 (CA, Oakland), Lesser Scaup 100,000 (FL, Cocoa), Steller's Eider 105 (AK, Kodiak), King Eider 10 (AK, Cordova), Common Eider 120,477 (MA, Tuckernuck Islands), Common Eider (Dresser's) 804 (ME, Mount Desert Island), Harlequin Duck 1050 (AK, Unalaska Island), Surf Scoter 5125 (CA, San Diego), White-winged Scoter 3921 (OR, Florence), Black Scoter 7173 (VA, Cape Charles), Long-tailed Duck 4363 (MI, Muskegon), Bufflehead 7488 (CA, Point Reyes Peninsula), Common Goldeneye 10,000 (WI, Platteville), Barrow's Goldeneye 2000 (ID, Lewiston-Clarkston), Hooded Merganser 1175 (PA, Linesville), Common Merganser 5023 (MN, Red Wing), Red-breasted Merganser 8437 (OH, Ashtabula), and Ruddy Duck 11,119 (CA, Palo Alto).


Plain Chachalaca 25 (TX, Falcon Dam S.P. and Harlingen), Helmeted Guineafowl 28 ex (FL, Dade County), Mountain Quail 70 (OR, Prineville), Scaled Quail 83 (AZ, Appleton-Whittell), California Quail 3724 (OR, Burns), Gambel's Quail 1286 (AZ, Carefree), Northern Bobwhite 156 (FL, Kissimmee Prairie-DeLuca), Montezuma Quail 28 (AZ, Appleton-Whittell), Indian Peafowl 98 ex (FL, Kendall Area), Chukar 119 (WA, Omak-Okanogan), Erckel's Francolin 27 (HI, Hawai'i: North Kona), Black Francolin 8 (HI, Kaua'i: Waimea), Gray Francolin 18 (HI, O'ahu: Honolulu), Red Junglefowl 1739 (HI, Kaua'i: Lihu'e), Red Junglefowl (Domestic type) 168 ex (HI, O'ahu: Honolulu), Ring-necked Pheasant 572 (SD, Sand Lake N.W.R.), Kalij Pheasant 34 (HI, Hawai'i: Volcano), Gray Partridge 185 (MT, Bozeman), Ruffed Grouse 36 (MN, Duluth), Greater Sage-Grouse 136 (WY, Bates Hole), Spruce Grouse 11 (MN, Isabella), Willow Ptarmigan 117 (AK, Nome), Rock Ptarmigan 6 (AK, Anchorage), White-tailed Ptarmigan 3 (AK, Anchorage), Dusky Grouse 3 (OR, Prineville; WY, Casper), Sooty Grouse 1 (CA, Tall Trees), Sharp-tailed Grouse 340 (MT, Fort Peck), Greater Prairie-Chicken 61 (MN, Crookston), Greater Prairie-Chicken (Attwater's) 1 (TX, Attwater Prairie Chicken N.W.R.), and Wild Turkey 715 (WA, Chewelah).


Red-throated Loon 4971 (CA, San Francisco), Arctic Loon 1 (AK, Shemya Island; NC, Cape Hatteras), Pacific Loon 467 (CA, Crystal Springs), Common Loon 624 (AL, Guntersville), Yellow-billed Loon 3 (AK, Kodiak; WA, Sequim-Dungeness), Least Grebe 90 (TX, Brownsville), Pied-billed Grebe 449 (TX, Laguna Atascosa N.W.R.), Horned Grebe 2201 (LA, St. Tammany Parish), Red-necked Grebe 465 (WA, Port Townsend), Eared Grebe 2674 (CA, San Diego), Western Grebe 6370 (CA, San Diego), Clark's Grebe 400 (CA, Richmond), American Flamingo 1 (FL, St. Marks) and 174 ex (FL, Dade County), Laysan Albatross 423,758 (HI, Midway Atoll), Black-footed Albatross 25,626 (HI, Midway Atoll), Short-tailed Albatross 2 (HI, Midway Atoll), Northern Fulmar 350 (CA, Moss Landing), Bonin Petrel 10,000 (HI, Midway Atoll), Pink-footed Shearwater 2 (CA, Monterey Peninsula), Great Shearwater CW (FL, Fort De Soto), Sooty Shearwater 13 (CA, Orange County [coastal]), Short-tailed Shearwater 9 (WA, Grays Harbor), Black-vented Shearwater 11,246 (CA, Rancho Santa Fe), Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel 3 (WA, Sequim-Dungeness), and Tristram's Storm-Petrel 1 (HI, Midway Atoll).


White-tailed Tropicbird 28 (HI, Kaua'i: Kapa'a), Red-tailed Tropicbird 2 (HI, Midway Atoll), Wood Stork 325 (FL, Cocoa), Magnificent Frigatebird 250 (FL, Dry Tortugas N.P.), Great Frigatebird 97 (HI, Kaua'i: Kapa'a), Masked Booby 34 (FL, Dry Tortugas N.P.), Brown Booby 45 (HI, Kaua'i: Kapa'a), Red-footed Booby 2116 (HI, O'ahu: Honolulu), Northern Gannet 6019 (NJ, Cape May), Brandt's Cormorant 3701 (CA, Año Nuevo), Neotropic Cormorant 3261 (AZ, Phoenix-Tres Rios), Double-crested Cormorant 43,656 (NC, Portsmouth Island), Great Cormorant 135 (MA, Cape Ann), Red-faced Cormorant 7 (AK, Shemya Island), Pelagic Cormorant 738 (AK, Kodiak), Anhinga 580 (FL, Zellwood-Mount Dora), American White Pelican 3620 (TX, Port Aransas), and Brown Pelican 3062 (CA, Año Nuevo).


American Bittern 18 (SC, McClellanville), Least Bittern 17 (AZ, Gila River), Great Blue Heron (Blue form) 400 (FL, Ten Thousand Islands), Great Blue Heron (White form) 215 (FL, Coot Bay-Everglades N.P.), Great Blue Heron (Wurdemann's) 1 (FL, Key West), Great Egret 3350 (FL, Merritt Island N.W.R.), Snowy Egret 1100 (FL, Coot Bay-Everglades N.P.), Little Blue Heron 510 (FL, St. Augustine), Tricolored Heron 471 (GA, Harris Neck N.W.R.), Reddish Egret 228 (TX, Coastal Tip), Cattle Egret 3636 (CA, Salton Sea [south]), Green Heron 60 (FL, West Palm Beach), Black-crowned Night-Heron 407 (CA, Sacramento), Yellow-crowned Night-Heron 88 (CA, Thousand Oaks), White Ibis 7710 (LA, Crowley), Glossy Ibis 1800 (FL, Stuart), White-faced Ibis 21,243 (LA, Palmetto Island), and Roseate Spoonbill 253 (LA, Grand Isle).


Black Vulture 1647 (TX, Brazos Bend), Turkey Vulture 4000 (FL, Fort Pierce, and Kendall Area), California Condor 17 (CA, Pinnacles N.M.), Osprey 250 (FL, Bradenton, and Sanibel-Captiva), White-tailed Kite 71 (CA, Centerville Beach to King Salmon), Golden Eagle 20 (CA, Eastern Alameda County; WY, Bates Hole), Snail Kite 119 (FL, Gainesville), Northern Harrier 145 (MO, Cole Camp Prairies IBA), Sharp-shinned Hawk 20 (CA, San Francisco; and ID, Nampa), Cooper's Hawk 107 (AZ, Tucson Valley), Northern Goshawk 8 (AK, Anchorage), Bald Eagle 1012 (AK, Soldotna), Steller's Sea-Eagle CW NEW (ME, Freeport-Brunswick), Harris's Hawk 51 (TX, Laguna Atascosa N.W.R.), White-tailed Hawk 29 (TX, Matagorda County-Mad Island Marsh), Gray Hawk 9 (TX, Harlingen), Red-shouldered Hawk 250 (FL, Gainesville), Broad-winged Hawk 4 (FL, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary), Hawaiian Hawk 8 (HI, Hawai'i: Hilo), Short-tailed Hawk 22 (FL, Kendall Area), Swainson's Hawk 10 (FL, Homestead), Zone-tailed Hawk 3 (CA, Escondido; and TX, New Braunfels), Red-tailed Hawk 316 (MO,  Dade County), Red-tailed Hawk (Harlan's) 11 (MT, Ninepipe N.W.R.), Red-tailed Hawk (Krider's) 2 (AR, Holla Bend N.W.R.; LA, White Lake; and TX, Santa Ana N.W.R.), Rough-legged Hawk 161 (ID, Howe), and Ferruginous Hawk 21 (CA, Etna).


Yellow Rail 8 (LA, Sweet Lake-Cameron Prairie N.W.R.), Black Rail 9 (CA, Cheep Thrills), Ridgway's Rail 20 (CA, Oakland), Ridgway's Rail (Light-footed) 2 (CA, Thousand Oaks), Ridgway's Rail (Yuma) 6 (AZ, Martinez Lake-Yuma), King Rail 37 (LA, Creole), Clapper Rail (Atlantic Coast) 175 (FL, St. Augustine), Clapper Rail (Gulf Coast) 27 (FL, Apalachicola Bay-St. Vincent N.W.R.), Virginia Rail 63 (MA, Truro), Sora 74 (FL, Gainesville), Purple Gallinule 86 (FL, Emeralda-Sunnyhill), Gray-headed Swamphen 22 (FL, West Palm Beach), Common Gallinule 2175 (FL, Zellwood-Mount Dora), Common Gallinule (Hawaiian) 169 (HI, Kaua'i: Kapa'a), Hawaiian Coot 188 (HI, Kaua'i: Kapa'a), American Coot 38,163 (TX, Laguna Atascosa N.W.R.), Limpkin 389 (FL, Gainesville), Sandhill Crane 11,337 (AL, Wheeler N.W.R.), and Whooping Crane 71 (TX, Aransas N.W.R.).


Black-necked Stilt 946 (CA, San Jacinto Lake), Black-necked Stilt (Hawaiian) 265 (HI, Kaua'i: Kapa'a), American Avocet 3228 (CA, Richmond), American Oystercatcher 850 (FL, Cedar Key), Black Oystercatcher 85 (AK, Kodiak), Black-bellied Plover 8137 (CA, Hayward-Fremont), American Golden-Plover 1 (FL, West Palm Beach; LA, Johnsons Bayou), Pacific Golden-Plover 1855 (HI, Midway Atoll), Northern Lapwing CW (NY, L.I.: Captree), Snowy Plover 179 (TX, Coastal Tip), Wilson's Plover 29 (GA, Little St. Simons Island), Semipalmated Plover 4080 (GA, Sapelo Island), Piping Plover 273 (TX, Coastal Tip), Killdeer 3500 (AL, Wheeler N.W.R.), Mountain Plover 65 (CA, Panoche Valley), Northern Jacana 1 (AZ, Salt Verde River), Spotted Sandpiper 98 (CA, Richmond), Solitary Sandpiper 2 (TX, Jackson-Calhoun Counties, Matagorda County-Mad Island Marsh, and Santa Ana N.W.R.),  Gray-tailed Tattler 1 (HI, Midway Atoll), Wandering Tattler 19 (HI, O'ahu: Honolulu), Greater Yellowlegs 762 (CA, Sherman Island), Willet 2349 (CA, Hayward-Fremont), Lesser Yellowlegs 254 (LA, Palmetto Island), Whimbrel 89 (CA, Crystal Springs), Bristle-thighed Curlew 29 (HI, Midway Atoll), Long-billed Curlew 2427 (CA, Salton Sea [south]), Hudsonian Godwit 1 (SC, Litchfield-Pawleys Island), Bar-tailed Godwit 1 (SC, Sea Islands), and Marbled Godwit 5297 (CA, Arcata).


Ruddy Turnstone 320 (FL, Sanibel-Captiva), Black Turnstone 624 (WA, Port Townsend), Red Knot 1050 (FL, Fort De Soto), Surfbird 34 (CA, Arcata), Ruff 1 (CA, Centerville Beach to King Salmon), Stilt Sandpiper 168 (TX, Weslaco), Curlew Sandpiper 1 (CA, Palo Alto), Sanderling 2547 (CA, Point Reyes Peninsula), Dunlin 15,391 (WA, Grays Harbor), Rock Sandpiper 2700 (AK, Homer), Purple Sandpiper 260 (NJ, Marmora), Little Stint 1 (CA, San Diego), Least Sandpiper 4771 (CA, San Jose), Pectoral Sandpiper 1 (NC, Southport-Bald Head-Oak Islands), Semipalmated Sandpiper 8 (FL, Coot Bay-Everglades N.P.), Western Sandpiper 16,791 (CA, Palo Alto), Short-billed Dowitcher 1850 (FL, Matanzas), Long-billed Dowitcher 5018 (CA, Sherman Island), Wilson's Snipe 351 (OR, Dallas), American Woodcock 60 (VA, Walkerton), Wilson's Phalarope 1 (TX, Laguna Atascosa N.W.R.), and Red Phalarope 6 (OR, Florence).

Pomarine Jaeger 6 (MA, Cape Cod), Parasitic Jaeger, 9 (NC, Southport-Bald Head-Oak Islands), Dovekie 17 (MA, Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary), Common Murre 65,868 (CA, Western Sonoma County), Thick-billed Murre 4 (MA, Quincy), Razorbill 585 (MA, Cape Cod), Black Guillemot 65 (ME, Eastport), Pigeon Guillemot 388 (WA, Sequim-Dungeness), Marbled Murrelet 722 (AK, Glacier Bay), Ancient Murrelet 694 (WA, Sequim-Dungeness), Cassin's Auklet 6 (CA, Point Reyes Peninsula), Whiskered Auklet CW (AK, Shemya Island), Crested Auklet 1 (AK, Kodiak), Rhinoceros Auklet 196 (WA, Olympia), Atlantic Puffin 4 (MA, Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary), Black-legged Kittiwake 101 (MA, Tuckernuck Islands), Bonaparte's Gull 4596 (IL, Carlyle Lake), Black-headed Gull 2 (DE, Cape Henlopen-Prime Hook), Little Gull 1 (AL, Wheeler Dam; OH, Hoover Reservoir; and TX, Guadalupe River Delta-McFaddin Family Ranches), Laughing Gull 19,301 (TX, Freeport), Franklin's Gull 50 (OK, Salt Plains N.W.R.), Heermann's Gull 2314 (CA, Monterey Peninsula), Mew Gull 2110 (CA, Marin County [southern]), Ring-billed Gull 62,172 (CA, Salton Sea [south]), Western Gull 6187 (CA, San Francisco), California Gull 11,469 (UT, Salt Lake City), Herring Gull 36,916 (PA, Southern Bucks County), Thayer's Gull 136 (CA, Calero-Morgan Hill), Iceland Gull 98 (MA, Nantucket), Iceland Gull (kumlieni) 5 (IA, Saylorville Reservoir;  and NH, Isles of Shoals), Lesser Black-backed Gull 1463 (NC, Cape Hatteras), Slaty-backed Gull 1 (NY, Oneida; and WA, Tri-Cities), Glaucous-winged Gull 2168 (OR, Tillamook Bay), Glaucous Gull 14 (OH, Elyria-Lorain), and Great Black-backed Gull 1834 (DE, Wilmington).


Brown Noddy 15 (HI, Midway Atoll), Black Noddy 72 (HI, Midway Atoll), Black Noddy (melanogenys) 67 (HI, Maui: Hana), White Tern 396 (HI, Midway Atoll), Gull-billed Tern 135 (LA, White Lake), Caspian Tern 216 (TX, Coastal Tip), Common Tern 11 (FL, Sarasota), Forster's Tern 1012 (TX, Matagorda County-Mad Island Marsh), Royal Tern 800 (FL, Ten Thousand Islands), Sandwich Tern 1100 (FL, Sarasota), and Black Skimmer 1850 (LA, Grand Isle).


Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon) 4770 (CA, Richmond), White-crowned Pigeon 42 (FL, Crocodile Lake N.W.R.), Band-tailed Pigeon 1609 (CA, Ukiah), Eurasian Collared-Dove 3926 (KS, Dodge City), African Collared-Dove 2 ex (IL, Joliet), Spotted Dove 420 (HI, Hawai'i: Hilo), Zebra Dove 1642 (HI, Kaua'i: Lihu'e), Inca Dove 131 (AZ, Phoenix Metro), Common Ground-Dove 184 (AZ, Atascosa Highlands), Ruddy Ground-Dove 2 (AZ, Buenos Aires N.W.R., and Patagonia), White-tipped Dove 14 (TX, Harlingen), White-winged Dove 8699 (NM, Las Cruces), Mourning Dove 7184 (AZ, Tucson Valley), Mangrove Cuckoo 2 (FL, Sanibel-Captiva), Greater Roadrunner 24 (AZ, Gila River), Smooth-billed Ani 1 (FL, Homestead), and Groove-billed Ani 5 (LA, New Orleans; and TX, Matagorda County-Mad Island Marsh).


Barn Owl 40 (TX, Bolivar Peninsula), Western Screech-Owl 75 (CO, Grand Junction), Eastern Screech-Owl 77 (NY, Rochester), Whiskered Screech-Owl 2 (AZ, Atascosa Highlands), Great Horned Owl 81 (CA, Oakland), Snowy Owl 23 (MI, Rudyard), Northern Hawk Owl 1 (AK, Fairbanks, Homer, and Shageluk; MI, Neebish Island-Dunbar, and MN, Roseau), Northern Pygmy-Owl 4 (CO, Evergreen-Idaho Springs; WA, Sequim-Dungeness), Burrowing Owl 39 (FL, Fort Lauderdale), Spotted Owl 2 (CA, Marin County [southern], and Santa Barbara), Barred Owl 70 (FL, Gainesville), Great Gray Owl 2 (ID, Rexburg), Long-eared Owl 39 (IA, Green Island - Lost Mound), Short-eared Owl 22 (MO, [Horton] Four Rivers), Boreal Owl 1 (AK, Fairbanks, and Tok), Northern Saw-whet Owl 39 (MA, Truro), Lesser Nighthawk 1 (FL, Homestead, and Long Pine Key; and AZ, Phoenix-Tres Rios), Common Pauraque 11 (TX, Harlingen), Common Poorwill 1 (CA, Calaveras, Puente-Chino Hills, and Thousand Oaks), Chuck-will's-widow 3 (FL, Kendall Area, and West Palm Beach), and Eastern Whip-poor-will 8 (FL, Gainesville).


Vaux's Swift 2 (FL, Gainesville), Chaetura sp. 10 (CA, Morongo Valley), White-throated Swift 447 (CA, Orange County [northeastern]), Magnificent Hummingbird 6 (AZ, Portal), Blue-throated Hummingbird 7 (AZ, Portal), Ruby-throated Hummingbird 129 (FL, Kendall Area), Black-chinned Hummingbird 6 (TX, Freeport), Anna's Hummingbird 1240 (CA, Richmond), Costa's Hummingbird 119 (CA, Anza-Borrego Desert), Broad-tailed Hummingbird 4 (TX, El Paso), Rufous Hummingbird 9 (LA, Thibodaux), Allen's Hummingbird 564 (CA, Orange County [coastal]), Calliope Hummingbird 1 (DE, Wilmington; GA, Athens), Broad-billed Hummingbird 27 (AZ, Tucson Valley), Buff-bellied Hummingbird 4 (LA, Lafayette; TX, Brownsville, and Santa Ana N.W.R.), Violet-crowned Hummingbird 2 (AZ, Patagonia), Elegant Trogon 2 (AZ, Green Valley-Madera Canyon), Ringed Kingfisher 7 (TX, Laredo), Belted Kingfisher 148 (CA, Puente-Chino Hills), and Green Kingfisher 23 (TX, Weslaco).


Lewis's Woodpecker 115 (WA, Lyle), Red-headed Woodpecker 514 (MO, [Horton] Four Rivers), Acorn Woodpecker 836 (CA, Santa Barbara), Gila Woodpecker 459 (AZ, Tucson Valley), Golden-fronted Woodpecker 237 (TX, Harlingen), Red-bellied Woodpecker 2225 (FL, Kendall Area), Williamson's Sapsucker 7 (NM, Los Alamos), Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 222 (NC, Kerr Lake), Red-naped Sapsucker 40 (AZ, Prescott), Red-breasted Sapsucker 89 (WA, Everett-Marysville), Ladder-backed Woodpecker 118 (AZ, Nogales), Nuttall's Woodpecker 182 (CA, Richmond), Downy Woodpecker 730 (MA, Concord), Hairy Woodpecker 198 (MA, Concord), Arizona Woodpecker 18 (AZ, Green Valley-Madera Canyon), Red-cockaded Woodpecker 36 (LA, Fort Polk), White-headed Woodpecker 13 (CA, Idyllwild), American Three-toed Woodpecker 14 (AK, Anchorage), Black-backed Woodpecker 4 (MN, Beltrami Island), Northern Flicker 506 (OR, Portland), Northern Flicker (Yellow-shafted) 409 (VA, Fort Belvoir), Northern Flicker (Red-shafted) 346 (CA, Putah Creek), Gilded Flicker 77 (AZ, Carefree), and Pileated Woodpecker 163 (FL, Gainesville).


Crested Caracara 168 (TX, Matagorda County-Mad Island Marsh), American Kestrel 172 (OR, Corvallis), Merlin 17 (WA, Sequim-Dungeness), Aplomado Falcon 4 (TX, Laguna Atascosa N.W.R.), Bat Falcon 1 NEW (TX, Santa Ana N.W.R.), Gyrfalcon 1 (ID, Howe; NV, Pyramid Lake; WY, Kane, and Casper), Peregrine Falcon 30 (CA, Centerville Beach to King Salmon), and Prairie Falcon 10 (OR, Union County).


Rose-ringed Parakeet 2098 (HI, Kaua'i: Lihu'e), Rose-ringed Parakeet 62 ex (CA, Bakersfield), Rosy-faced Lovebird 156 (AZ, Phoenix Metro), Monk Parakeet 363 NY, L.I.: Southern Nassau County), Yellow-chevroned Parakeet 63 (CA, Los Angeles), Yellow-chevroned Parakeet 147 ex (FL, Kendall Area), Red-crowned Parrot 285 (TX, Brownsville), Lilac-crowned Parrot 32 ex (CA, Orange County [coastal]), Red-lored Parrot 17 ex (CA, Orange County [coastal]), Yellow-headed Parrot 7 ex (CA, Pasadena-San Gabriel Valley), Turquoise-fronted Parrot, 13 ex (FL, Fort Lauderdale), White-fronted Parrot 30 ex (TX, Brownsville), Orange-winged Parrot 100 ex (FL, Kendall Area), Nanday Parakeet 380 (FL, Sarasota), Blue-and-yellow Macaw 14 ex (FL, Kendall Area), Chestnut-fronted Macaw 32 ex (FL, Dade County), Blue-crowned Parakeet 47 ex (FL, Fort Lauderdale), Green Parakeet 339 (TX, Harlingen), Mitred Parakeet 380 (FL, Kendall Area), Red-masked Parakeet 509 (CA, San Francisco), and White-eyed Parakeet 68 ex (FL, Dade County).


Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet 6 (AZ, Nogales), Olive-sided Flycatcher 1 (CA, Rancho Santa Fe), Greater Pewee 2 (AZ, Tucson Valley), Eastern Wood-Pewee 1 (WV, Parkersburg), Yellow-bellied Flycatcher 1 (FL, Gainesville), Least Flycatcher 5 (FL, Homestead), Hammond's Flycatcher 12 (AZ, Nogales), Gray Flycatcher 43 (AZ, Atascosa Highlands), Dusky Flycatcher 23 (AZ, Nogales), Pacific-slope Flycatcher 2 (AZ, Nogales; CA, Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley), Black Phoebe 455 (CA, San Diego), Eastern Phoebe 510 (FL, Gainesville), Say's Phoebe 132 (CA, San Diego), Vermilion Flycatcher 391 (AZ, Tucson Valley), Dusky-capped Flycatcher 2 (AZ, Nogales), Ash-throated Flycatcher 14, (AZ, Nogales), Great Crested Flycatcher 45 (FL, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary), Brown-crested Flycatcher 6 (FL, Homestead), Great Kiskadee 188 (TX, Harlingen), Social Flycatcher 1 NEW (TX, Brownsville), Tropical Kingbird 37 (TX, Santa Ana N.W.R.), Couch's Kingbird 104, (TX, Guadalupe River Delta-McFaddin Family Ranches), Cassin's Kingbird, 353 (CA, San Diego), Western Kingbird 29 (FL, Homestead), Scissor-tailed Flycatcher 25 (FL, Homestead), Fork-tailed Flycatcher 1 (TX, Granger), and Rose-throated Becard 1 (AZ, Patagonia).


Loggerhead Shrike 166 (FL, Peace River), Northern Shrike 16 (MT, Bozeman), White-eyed Vireo 127 (TX, Guadalupe River Delta-McFaddin Family Ranches), Bell's Vireo 1 (FL, Long Pine Key; LA, Grand Isle; TX, Freeport), Gray Vireo CW (AZ, Ajo-Cabeza Prieta N.W.R.), Yellow-throated Vireo 38 (FL, Kendall Area), Plumbeous Vireo 11 (AZ, Tucson Valley), Cassin's Vireo 12 (AZ, Nogales), Blue-headed Vireo 86 (FL, Gainesville), Hutton's Vireo 44 (CA, Año Nuevo), Hutton's Vireo 44 (CA, Oakland), Warbling Vireo 1 (CA, Santa Barbara), Red-eyed Vireo 1 (CA, Orange County [coastal], Hawaii Elepaio 37 (HI, Hawai'i: Volcano), Kauai Elepaio 16 (HI, Kaua'i: Waimea), and Oahu Elepaio 2 (HI, O'ahu: Honolulu).


Canada Jay 62 (AK, Fairbanks), Canada Jay (Rocky Mts.) 17 (CO, Evergreen-Idaho Springs), Canada Jay (Pacific),13,(CA, Tall Trees), Black-throated Magpie-Jay 3 ex (CA, San Diego), Green Jay 143 (TX, Harlingen), Pinyon Jay 722 (NM, Orilla Verde), Steller's Jay (Coastal) 454 (OR, Portland), Steller's Jay (Interior) 647 (CO, Evergreen-Idaho Springs), Blue Jay 1562 (MA, Concord), Florida Scrub-Jay 86 (FL, Merritt Island N.W.R.), Island Scrub-Jay 138 (CA, Santa Cruz Island), California Scrub-Jay 975 (CA, Richmond), Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay 416 (CO, Colorado Springs), Mexican Jay 274 (AZ, Atascosa Highlands), Black-billed Magpie 1492 (MT, Bozeman), Yellow-billed Magpie 378 (CA, Putah Creek), Clark's Nutcracker 48 (CO, Westcliffe), American Crow 45,985 (IN, Terre Haute), Northwestern Crow 598 (AK, Homer), Fish Crow 7382 (NJ, Salem), Chihuahuan Raven 320 (NM, Caballo), and Common Raven 1558 (UT, Cedar City).


Sky Lark 19 (HI, Maui: Haleakala N.P. - Pu'u O Kaka'e), Horned Lark 8622 (MT, Three Forks), Northern Rough-winged Swallow 300 (FL, STA5-Clewiston), Purple Martin 1 (FL, Sarasota), Tree Swallow 28,000 (FL, Kissimmee Prairie-DeLuca), Violet-green Swallow 146 (CA, Sonoma Valley), Barn Swallow 29 (CA, Los Angeles), Cliff Swallow 1 (TX, Granger), Cave Swallow (Texas) 350 (TX, San Antonio).


Carolina Chickadee 1053 (VA, Fort Belvoir), Black-capped Chickadee 2632 (NY, Ithaca), Mountain Chickadee (Rocky Mts.) 771 (CO, Evergreen-Idaho Springs), Mexican Chickadee 6 (AZ, Portal), Chestnut-backed Chickadee 1265 (CA, Oakland), Boreal Chickadee 193 (AK, Anchorage), Azure Tit (Yellow-breasted) 1 ex (IL, Dekalb), Bridled Titmouse 112 (AZ, Patagonia), Oak Titmouse 514 (CA, Santa Barbara), Juniper Titmouse 74 (AZ, Sedona), Tufted Titmouse 1396 (MA, Concord), Black-crested Titmouse 224 (TX, Boerne, and Westcave Preserve), Tufted x Black-crested Titmouse (hybrid) 191 (TX, Austin), Great Tit 2 ex (WI, Cedar Grove), Verdin 359 (AZ, Tucson Valley), Bushtit (Pacific) 1776 (CA, Richmond), Bushtit (Interior) 331 (CO, Colorado Springs), Red-breasted Nuthatch, 503 (AK, Anchorage), White-breasted Nuthatch (Eastern) 836 (MA, Concord), White-breasted Nuthatch (Interior West) 157 (CO, Evergreen-Idaho Springs), White-breasted Nuthatch (Pacific) 1 (CA, Tall Trees), Pygmy Nuthatch 1101 (CO, Evergreen-Idaho Springs), Brown-headed Nuthatch 185 (NC, Raleigh), and Brown Creeper 148 (OR, Portland).


Rock Wren 56 (AZ, Atascosa Highlands), Canyon Wren 18 (TX, Westcave Preserve), House Wren 280 (FL, Gainesville), Pacific Wren 246 (WA, Seattle), Winter Wren 78 (TN, Duck River), Sedge Wren 235 (TX, Matagorda County-Mad Island Marsh), Marsh Wren 142 (TX, Matagorda County-Mad Island Marsh), Carolina Wren 1219 (VA, Fort Belvoir), Bewick's Wren 293 (WA, Seattle), and Cactus Wren 207 (AZ, Carefree).


Blue-gray Gnatcatcher 750 (FL, Kendall Area), California Gnatcatcher 66 (CA, Rancho Santa Fe), Black-tailed Gnatcatcher 88 (AZ, Gila River), American Dipper 45 (AK, Anchorage), Red-vented Bulbul 495 (HI, O'ahu: Honolulu), Red-whiskered Bulbul 119 (CA, Pasadena-San Gabriel Valley), Golden-crowned Kinglet 636 (WA, Seattle), Ruby-crowned Kinglet 937 (CA, Oakland), Japanese Bush-Warbler 42 (HI, Kaua'i: Waimea), Wrentit 479 (CA, Point Reyes Peninsula), Oriental White-eye 19 ex (CA, Rancho Santa Fe), Japanese White-eye 911 (HI, Kaua'i: Lihu'e),  Japanese White-eye 567 ex (CA, Orange County [coastal]), Chinese Hwamei 19 (HI, Kaua'i: Lihu'e), Greater Necklaced Laughingthrush 2 (HI, Kaua'i: Lihu'e), and Red-billed Leiothrix 145 (HI, O'ahu: Honolulu).


White-rumped Shama 90 (HI, Kaua'i: Lihu'e), Eastern Bluebird 846 (OH, Millersburg), Western Bluebird 1086 (CA, Sonoma Valley), Mountain Bluebird 2882 (CO, Lake Isabel), Townsend's Solitaire 238 (CO, Denver), Omao 113 (HI, Hawai'i: Volcano), Swainson's Thrush 1 (CA, Oakland; LA, Johnsons Bayou; and OH, Grand Rapids-Waterville), Hermit Thrush 267 (CA, San Francisco), Wood Thrush 1 (FL, Coot Bay-Everglades N.P.; and TX, Port Aransas), Clay-colored Thrush 10 (TX, Weslaco), Rufous-backed Robin 2 (AZ, Phoenix-Tres Rios), American Robin 432,000 (MO, Taney County), and Varied Thrush 1463 (WA, Grays Harbor).


Blue Mockingbird 1 (NM, Carlsbad Caverns N.P.), Gray Catbird 700 (FL, Long Pine Key), Curve-billed Thrasher 195 (AZ, Carefree), Brown Thrasher 77 (GA, Roswell), Long-billed Thrasher 51 (TX, Corpus Christi), Bendire's Thrasher 14 (AZ, Gila River), California Thrasher 195 (CA, Rancho Santa Fe), LeConte's Thrasher 7 (CA, Lancaster), Crissal Thrasher 31 (NM, Peloncillo Mountains), Sage Thrasher 34 (NM, Santa Rosa), Northern Mockingbird 408 (TN, East Knox County), Common Hill Myna 12 ex (FL, Kendall Area), European Starling 75,885 (ID, Nampa), Common Myna 1578 (HI, Kaua'i: Lihu'e), White Wagtail 1 (NC, Wilmington), American Pipit 864 (CA, Sherman Island), Sprague's Pipit 7 (TX, Attwater Prairie Chicken N.W.R.), Bohemian Waxwing 4847 (MT, Kalispell), Cedar Waxwing 1895 (GA, Intown Atlanta), and Phainopepla 270 (AZ, Carefree).


Olive Warbler 4 (AZ, Portal), Lapland Longspur 16,373 (CO, Flagler), Chestnut-collared Longspur 206, (NM, Caballo), Smith's Longspur 282 (OK, Tallgrass Prairie Preserve), Thick-billed Longspur 74 (KS, Cimarron National Grassland), Snow Bunting 6002 (MT, Fort Peck), McKay's Bunting 12 (AK, Nome), Ovenbird 31 (FL, Kendall Area), Worm-eating Warbler 5 (FL, Kendall Area), Louisiana Waterthrush 1 (AZ, Atascosa Highlands; FL, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Dade County and Fakahatchee), Northern Waterthrush 47 (FL, Coot Bay-Everglades N.P.), Black-and-white Warbler 145 (FL, Kendall Area), Swainson's Warbler 1 (FL, Kendall Area), Tennessee Warbler 1 (CA, Crystal Springs, Fort Bragg, and San Diego; FL, Kendall Area, and Matanzas; IL, Fermilab-Batavia; IN, South Bend; LA, Lafayette; MD, Chesterville; TX, Coastal Tip; WI, Richland Center), Orange-crowned Warbler 331 (CA, San Diego), Lucy's Warbler 1 (CA, Santa Cruz County), and Nashville Warbler 6 (CA, Orange County [northeastern]).


MacGillivray's Warbler 2 (AZ, Santa Catalina Mountains), Common Yellowthroat 440 (FL, Homestead), Hooded Warbler 1 (CA, Morro Bay; NV, Henderson), American Redstart 65 (FL, Kendall Area), Cape May Warbler 25 (FL, Kendall Area), Northern Parula 190 (FL, Kendall Area), Tropical Parula 1 (TX, Corpus Christi and Victoria), Magnolia Warbler 13 (FL, Kendall Area), Yellow Warbler 9 (FL, Coot Bay-Everglades N.P.), Yellow Warbler (Mangrove) 3 (TX, Coastal Tip), Chestnut-sided Warbler 2 (AZ, Santa Catalina Mountains), Blackpoll Warbler 1 (MA, Buzzards Bay; and NC, Raleigh), Black-throated Blue Warbler 50 (FL, Kendall Area), Palm Warbler 1500 (FL, Gainesville), Palm Warbler (Western) 235 (FL, Long Pine Key), Palm Warbler (Yellow) 21 (MD, Chesterville), Pine Warbler 650 (FL, Avon Park A.F. Range), Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle) 2698 (VA, Cape Charles), Yellow-rumped Warbler (Audubon's) 2126 (CA, San Fernando Valley), Yellow-throated Warbler 93 (FL, Kendall Area), Prairie Warbler 160 (FL, Kendall Area), Grace's Warbler 1 (CA, Rancho Santa Fe), Black-throated Gray Warbler 35 (AZ, Santa Catalina Mountains), Townsend's Warbler 363 (CA, San Francisco), Hermit Warbler 3 (CA, Año Nuevo, and San Diego), Black-throated Green Warbler 20 (FL, Kendall Area), Rufous-capped Warbler 2 (AZ, Atascosa Highlands), Golden-crowned Warbler CW (TX, Weslaco), Wilson's Warbler 23 (TX, Brazoria-Columbia Bottomlands), Painted Redstart 5 (AZ, Atascosa Highlands, and Green Valley-Madera Canyon), and  Yellow-breasted Chat 11 (MA, Cape Cod).


Red-crested Cardinal 337 (HI, Kaua'i: Lihu'e), Yellow-billed Cardinal 65 (HI, Hawai'i: North Kona), Saffron Finch 464 (HI, Hawai'i: North Kona), White-collared Seedeater 3 (TX, Falcon Dam and S.P.), Yellow-faced Grassquit 1 (HI, O'ahu: Honolulu), Rufous-winged Sparrow 47 (AZ, Green Valley-Madera Canyon), Botteri's Sparrow 3 (AZ, Appleton-Whittell), Cassin's Sparrow 5 (NM, Hillsboro), Bachman's Sparrow 18 (FL, Kissimmee Prairie-DeLuca), Grasshopper Sparrow 80 (FL, Kissimmee Prairie-DeLuca), Baird's Sparrow 2 (AZ, Patagonia), Henslow's Sparrow 43 (MS, Jackson County), LeConte's Sparrow 43 (TX, Matagorda County-Mad Island Marsh), Nelson's Sparrow 58 (TX, Freeport), Saltmarsh Sparrow 12 (SC, Sea Islands), Seaside Sparrow 335 (GA, Glynn County), Olive Sparrow 25 (TX, Brownsville), American Tree Sparrow 2040 (KS, Quivira N.W.R.), Chipping Sparrow 2091 (TX, Davis Mountains), Clay-colored Sparrow 37 (TX, Balmorhea), Black-chinned Sparrow 68 (AZ, Avra Valley), Field Sparrow 432 (MD, Chesterville), Brewer's Sparrow 568 (AZ, Green Valley-Madera Canyon), Black-throated Sparrow 274 (AZ, Superior), Five-striped Sparrow 10 (AZ, Atascosa Highlands), Lark Sparrow 713 (AZ, Atascosa Highlands), Lark Bunting 379 (TX, Balmorhea), Fox Sparrow 731 (WA, Grays Harbor), Fox Sparrow (Sooty) 205 (CA, Tall Trees), Fox Sparrow (Thick-billed) 9 (CA, Marin County [southern]), Fox Sparrow (Slate-colored) 12 (CA, Cachuma), Fox Sparrow (Red) 49 (NY, L.I.: Queens).


Dark-eyed Junco (Slate-colored) 3704 (WI, Poynette), Dark-eyed Junco (cismontanus) 7 (CO, Loveland; OR, Tygh Valley), Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon) 3551 (OR, Portland), Dark-eyed Junco (Pink-sided) 136 (CO, Colorado Springs), Dark-eyed Junco (White-winged) 17 (CO, Evergreen-Idaho Springs), Dark-eyed Junco (Gray-headed) 220 (CO, Evergreen-Idaho Springs), Dark-eyed Junco (Red-backed) 4 (AZ, Prescott), Yellow-eyed Junco 38 (AZ, Santa Catalina Mountains), White-crowned Sparrow 3768 (CA, San Francisco), White-crowned Sparrow (oriantha) 17 (AZ, Atascosa Highlands), White-crowned Sparrow (Gambel's) 873 (AZ, Atascosa Highlands), White-crowned Sparrow (Yellow-billed) 8 (CA, Ukiah), White-crowned Sparrow (pugetensis) 114 (CA, Tall Trees), Golden-crowned Sparrow 1876 (CA, Sonoma Valley), Harris's Sparrow 598 (KS, Marion), White-throated Sparrow 4785 (VA, Fort Belvoir), Sagebrush Sparrow 161 (NM, Sevilleta N.W.R.), Bell's Sparrow 138 (CA, China Lake), Bell's Sparrow (belli) 8 (CA, Elsinore), Bell's Sparrow (canescens) 122 (CA, Butterbredt Spring), Vesper Sparrow 365 (NM, Peloncillo Mountains), Savannah Sparrow (Savannah) 1499 (TX, Matagorda County-Mad Island Marsh), Savannah Sparrow (Ipswich) 32 (VA, Cape Charles), Savannah Sparrow (Belding's) 95 (CA, San Diego), Savannah Sparrow (Large-billed) 1 (CA, Morro Bay, and Salton Sea [south]), Song Sparrow 1981 (MD, Chesterville), Lincoln's Sparrow 205 (TX, Guadalupe River Delta-McFaddin Family Ranches), Swamp Sparrow 503 (LA, Creole).


Canyon Towhee 95 (AZ, Atascosa Highlands), Abert's Towhee 405 (AZ, Gila River), California Towhee 952 (CA, Puente-Chino Hills), Rufous-crowned Sparrow 37 (AZ, Atascosa Highlands), Green-tailed Towhee 118 (AZ, Atascosa Highlands), Spotted Towhee 645 (WA, Sequim-Dungeness), Spotted Towhee (oregonus Group) 26 (CA, Tall Trees), Eastern Towhee 280 (GA, Intown Atlanta), Eastern Towhee (Red-eyed) 75 (AL, Birmingham), Hepatic Tanager 19 (AZ, Atascosa Highlands), Summer Tanager 7 (CA, San Diego; and FL, Dade County), Western Tanager 16 (CA, San Diego), Northern Cardinal 1613 (OH, Wilmot), Pyrrhuloxia 90 (TX, Chaparral W.M.A.), Rose-breasted Grosbeak 1 (FL, Kendall Area, and Alafia Banks; LA, Thibodaux; MI, Higgins Lake-Houghton Lake; MO, Big Oak Tree S.P.; and TX, Jackson-Calhoun Counties), Black-headed Grosbeak 1 (CA, Palos Verdes Peninsula; LA, Baton Rouge; OR, Tillamook Bay; and TX, San Bernard N.W.R.), Blue Grosbeak 2 (FL, Kendall Area), Lazuli Bunting 104 (AZ, Nogales), Indigo Bunting 38 (FL, Bradenton), Painted Bunting 82 (FL, Kendall Area), and Dickcissel 2 (CT, New Haven).


Bobolink 1 (NY, Southern Columbia County), Red-winged Blackbird 3,506,329 (KS, Cheyenne Bottoms), Tricolored Blackbird 6402 (CA, Santa Maria-Guadalupe), Western Meadowlark 1496 (CA, Lincoln), Eastern Meadowlark 940 (FL, Kissimmee Prairie-DeLuca), Eastern Meadowlark (Lilian's) CW (AZ, Chino Valley), Yellow-headed Blackbird 12,018 (TX, El Paso), Rusty Blackbird 1500 (TN, Jackson), Brewer's Blackbird 21,379 (KS, Arkansas City), Common Grackle 200,218 (IL, Collinsville), Boat-tailed Grackle 10,034 (LA, Lacassine N.W.R.-Thornwell), Great-tailed Grackle 13,304 (TX, Harlingen), Bronzed Cowbird 677 (TX, Weslaco), Brown-headed Cowbird 301,002 (LA, Pine Prairie), Orchard Oriole 1 (CA, Ventura; MS, Southern Hancock County), Hooded Oriole 4 (TX, Harlingen), Bullock's Oriole 12 (CA, Orange County [northeastern]), Spot-breasted Oriole 5 (FL, Kendall Area), Altamira Oriole 13 (TX, Santa Ana N.W.R.), Audubon's Oriole 8 (TX, Laredo), Baltimore Oriole 33 (FL, Gainesville), Scott's Oriole 5 (CA, Morongo Valley).


Brambling 2 (AK, Homer), Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch 500 (AK, Homer), Black Rosy-Finch 115 (WY, Dubois), Brown-capped Rosy-Finch 183 (CO, Fairplay), Pine Grosbeak 606 (MN, Carlton-Cloquet), Apapane 663 (HI, Hawai'i: Volcano), Iiwi 60 (HI, Maui: Haleakala N.P. - Pu'u O Kaka'e), Akiapolaau 20 (HI, Hawai'i: Volcano), Anianiau 2 (HI, Kaua'i: Waimea), Hawaii Amakihi 164 (HI, Hawai'i: North Kona), Hawaii Amakihi (Maui) 41 (HI, Maui: Haleakala N.P. - Pu'u O Kaka'e), Oahu Amakihi 44 (HI, O'ahu: Honolulu), Kauai Amakihi 13 (HI, Kaua'i: Waimea), Hawaii Creeper 5 (HI, Hawai'i: Volcano), Hawaii Akepa 1 (HI, Hawai'i: Volcano), House Finch 3417 (CA, Puente-Chino Hills), Purple Finch 247 (WA, Padilla Bay), Cassin's Finch 142 (OR, Bend), Red Crossbill 490 (WA, Columbia Hills-Klickitat Valley), White-winged Crossbill 542 (MN, Grand Marais), Common Redpoll 3942 (MN, Duluth), Hoary Redpoll 10 (MI, Marquette), Pine Siskin 3158 (WA, Olympia), Lesser Goldfinch 1241 (OR, Portland), Lawrence's Goldfinch 503 (AZ, Green Valley-Madera Canyon), American Goldfinch 1186 (WI, Madison), European Goldfinch 6 ex (CA, Pasadena-San Gabriel Valley; WI, Racine), Island Canary 523 (HI, Midway Atoll), Yellow-fronted Canary 143 (HI, Hawai'i: Hilo), Evening Grosbeak 140 (CO, Lake Isabel), House Sparrow 4630 (WI, La Crosse), Eurasian Tree Sparrow 520 (IA, Davenport), Northern Red Bishop 2 ex (CA, Puente-Chino Hills), Orange-cheeked Waxbill 2 ex (CA, Long Beach-El Dorado), Common Waxbill 1043 (HI, O'ahu: Honolulu), Red Avadavat 18 (HI, Kaua'i: Lihu'e), African Silverbill 131 (HI, Kaua'i: Waimea), Scaly-breasted Munia 363 (CA, Santa Barbara), Chestnut Munia 542 (HI, Kaua'i: Lihu'e), Java Sparrow 208 (HI, O'ahu: Honolulu), and Pin-tailed Whydah 78 (CA, Puente-Chino Hills).