5K Wells proposed in Converse County Wyoming

In mid-May, the BLM announced it will review a proposal to drill 5,000 oil and gas wells from 1,500 pads across 1.5 million acres in east-central Wyoming. This plan was put forward by Anadarko Petroleum Co., Chesapeake Energy Corp., RKI Exploration and Production LLC, Samson Resources and SM Energy. According to the Casper Star-Tribune, in 2013 alone, the county’s 1,582 producing wells pumped 7.2 million barrels of oil, or roughly 13% of WY’s total. That represented a 36% increase over 2012 levels.

The drilling project would occur on a complex mix of lands with BLM managing 2/3 of the subsurface minerals and BLM/Forest Service managing a combined 10% of the surface lands. The remaining are state and private lands. The area has historically been used for livestock grazing, oil and gas development, wildlife habitat, and recreation. It overlaps 3 Sage-grouse Core Areas and 1 Important Bird Area (Rochelle Hills/Cheyenne River Complex) – see map.

What you can do:

BLM is hosting 3 public meetings (5:30-7:30 pm):

 June 10 in Douglas – Clarion Inn

 June 11 in Casper – Best Western Ramkota

 June 12 in Glenrock – Recreation Center

BLM is taking public comments until June 30. Check out the BLM website for more details.

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