The mural as seen from the East River off Astoria, Queens. Photo: Mike Fernandez/Audubon
The mural as seen from the East River off Astoria, Queens. Photo: Mike Fernandez/Audubon

Audubon Mural Project

American Black Duck by Peter Daverington

Location: Halletts Point, Queens, NY 11102

Painted: 4/25/2019

Sponsored By: The Durst Organization

Climate Threat: Often found mingling with the more opportunistic Mallard, the American Black Duck is a staple in Eastern marshes and winter woods. The species is already struggling from decades of hunting and habitat conversion; now climate change is adding another wrinkle to its survival. Audubon's models predict that a bulk of its future suitable range will occur in Western Canada and Alaska—an area of the continent that it so far hasn't expanded to. Overall, only 37 percent of its range is considered stable.

About the Artist: Peter Daverington is a painter and musician from Melbourne, Australia, currently living and working in Beacon, New York. He completed an MFA at the Victorian College of the Arts at the University of Melbourne and has held 15 solo exhibitions since 2004. Daverington has been commissioned to paint public murals in Argentina, Australia, China, Egypt, Germany, Guatemala, and Turkey. Follow him on Instagram.

Artist Peter Daverington. Photo: Mike Fernandez/Audubon

The Artist on the Mural:I chose the American Black Duck because its natural habitat is next to the mural location on New York City's East River. These are true New Yorker ducks: They're street wise; they're handsome; and the heart of their range is in the Northeast.

This mural can only be viewed from across the water on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. For the best perspective, visit the ferry terminal at East 90th Street, off the FDR Drive. See a map here.

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