Photo: Mike Fernandez/Audubon
Photo: Mike Fernandez/Audubon

Audubon Mural Project

American Three-toed Woodpecker, Bullock's Oriole, Red-breasted Sapsucker by Jacinta Stewart

Location: 3612-18 Broadway, New York, NY 10031

Painted: 5/8/18

Sponsored By: Dianna Evans

Climate Threat: According to Audubon's climate model, the American Three-toed Woodpecker's habitable wintering space has been shrinking. Still, the curious bird is known to explore new woodlands—particularly those that aren't healthy—which serves as a survival advantage. On the other hand, the Bullock's Oriole primarily lives in riparian areas. Audubon's climate model predicts that its summer range will mostly be stable or increase, though most of the new space for the species in the southeastern United States isn't likely to be colonized. Finally, for the Red-breasted Sapsucker, Audubon's climate model sees a significant shift in breeding range, as well as more available spaces as far up as the northern Great Lakes and Newfoundland.

About the Artist: Jacinta Stewart is an Australian artist from Brisbane, Queensland, who has lived in New York City since 2004. Her art spans a variety of subject matters, most of which celebrates her home country. Stewart's recent body of work consists of paintings inspired by the symphony of birds she hears each morning when she travels home to visit her mother. Follow her on Instagram.

The Artist on the Mural: “My other passion in life, as well as painting, is teaching early childhood. With this lens in my heart, when I walked past one of the offices of Washington Heights Pediatrics, I thought about painting some chicks of the birds on the Audubon list. Both parents of the Bullock's Oriole feed their chicks, which is how this species became central to my mural. It was an amazing experience painting live on Broadway; strangers bought me lunch, brought me a cushion for my knees, and thanked me repeatedly as they walked by my mural as I was painting. The highlight for me was when I witnessed toddlers being wheeled into the pediatrician waving and blowing kisses to the chicks. That moment of the children making the connection made all my efforts worthwhile.”

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