Photo: Mike Fernandez/Audubon
Photo: Mike Fernandez/Audubon

Audubon Mural Project

American White Pelican and Yellow-billed Magpie by Kristin Doeblin (ANJL)

Location: 500 W. 135 St., New York, NY 10031

Painted: 6/20/18

Climate Threat: The American White Pelican's summer range in the upper Midwest and Canada is predicted to move northward and shrink in the future. Their winter range will likely move north as well, but it will expand. The river-loving Yellow-billed Magpie, meanwhile, is highly threatened by climate change with 80 percent of their summer range and 100 percent of their winter range predicted to disappear by 2080. 

About the Artist: Painting and drawing for most of her life, ANJL has always had a passion for art, beginning with graffiti and transitioning to murals and portraits. ANJL is also an accomplished martial artist and purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. When she's not creating magic on a canvas, wall, or on the mats, she's working toward bettering the environment and making the world a peaceful place for all. Follow her on Instagram.

The Artist on the Mural: “I chose the American White Pelican because of its strength and power. As an aquatic bird, this species may be more adaptable to climate change than others due to its wide range of habitat and population across North and Central America. I decided on the Yellow-billed Magpie when I saw the beautiful bright colors on its feathers. This bird lives only in California, so it's not visible across the country unlike the white pelican.” 

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